Zoo Lovers Day

It’s April 8, and that means it’s Zoo Lovers Day! When was the last time you paid a visit to your local zoo just to be amazed by the world’s most awe-inspiring and playful animals? Well, that day is today, and here’s all you need to know about it.

April 8 is Zoo Lovers Day, so it’s only appropriate to revisit what zoos really are, how is it that they exist, and why you should care.

The term zoo is short for a zoological garden, and it was envisioned both for scientific study and entertainment. Although some ancient civilizations already knew zoos or similar places, the modern zoo as we know it, the famous London Zoo, opened its doors for scientific purposes in 1828 and the public’s enjoyment in 1847.

Did you know 181 million people visit zoos in the US every year? There are 350 zoos in the country.

Zoos are fun, and they’re nicer than ever, but there’s still some controversy around them. For many people, animals shouldn’t be kept in cages, and they have a good point. Many modern zoos now call themselves conservation parks or bio parks, and some are home to the last examples of some species.

Zoos might help rehabilitate animals to be released back into the wild, and they can be a breeding center to replenish an endangered species’ numbers. There are currently 39 species of animals that don’t exist in the wild anymore, but only in zoos.

Habitat loss and global pollution have given zoos new life and purpose. The number of dedicated scientists and veterinarians behind these massive preservation projects is well worth celebrating, which brings us to Zoo Lovers Day.

This ferocious holiday is not only a treat for animal lovers but conservationists as well.

History of Zoo Lovers Day

The origin behind this unusual commemorative date is uncertain. We do know it’s been around for quite some time and has also been called Menagerie Lovers Day. Menagerie is a synonym for a zoo.

The holiday, though, is still worth commemorating, both to honor the parks but also to challenge them with a new perspective.

Zoos create awareness and remind us that we’re not the only ones living on this beautiful blue planet. Zoos educate the public while providing amusing entertainment. To change the way people treat animals and protect the environment, sometimes they must experience a close encounter.

Let’s head on to your local zoo and see those monkeys swing in the tree branches. Something magical happens in zoos — they bring us back to fond childhood memories, and whether you agree on zoos today or not, you must agree it’s pretty cool they have their special day!

How to Celebrate Zoo Lovers Day

Isn’t this obvious? Take your kids or nephews to the zoo and walk the entire thing. Zoos are pure, innocent fun, but you can learn quite a lot too!

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