Zipper Day

You have one with you every day; we all do. We’re talking about the zipper because today, April 29 is Zipper Day. It might not look like much, but this is a life-changing invention not to be taken for granted, Join us and celebrate zippers around the world!

It’s April 29, which means today we celebrate the zipper; yes, you heard that right — it’s Zipper day.

Zippers are all around us, and today they come in a wide variety of styles, invisible zippers, coil zippers, reverse zippers and open-ended zippers. The invention was a life changer, and although it was created 170 years ago, it’s still unmatched.

Today, 80% of zippers are made in China, with leading companies sharing the pie in Spain, Germany, Japan and the USA. The zipper, though, was invented and patented in 1851 by American inventor Elias Howe, who also helped develop the sewing machine. It wasn’t until 1913 that the modern zipper was created, and it was patented as a “separable fastener” on April 29 by Whitcomb L. Judson, an American inventor.

Zipper Day’s origin is unknown, but more than a celebration to the fastener, we’re celebrating inventiveness and creativity. If it weren’t for people with great ideas, we would still be living in caves. The zipper might not be the most important invention of the 20th century, but it is certainly one of the most widely used. We all use zippers, and we’ve all struggled with them too. It’s a love-hate relationship, but we can’t live without them.

Did you know most inventors didn’t have special training? This means that we all can solve problems and find inventive solutions to common issues. You need not be a rocket scientist to come up with something; perhaps the next zipper is in the back of your head right now!

History of Zipper Day

We celebrate zipper Day on April 29 because it was on this date, back in 1913, where the patent for the invention was issued. Known as zip, fly, zip fastener and clasp locker, the inventive two-part fastener holds pieces of cloth together, but we need not tell you what a zipper is; you’re probably carrying one right now in your bag or pants.

Interestingly, it was inventor Whitcomb L. Judson, an American machine sales agent who created the zipper along with a whopping sixteen patents under his belt. His best-known invention is the zipper, of course, and it was indeed a life-changing creation. It wasn’t until 1923 that we started calling the fastener system a zipper.

It comes without saying other inventors are also credited with developing the zipper technology, including Elias Howe, who patented the first interlockable system in 1851. The interlocking teeth in zippers might not look like much, but they changed the way we make clothes forever.

How to Celebrate Zipper Day

Although you might think there aren’t many ways of celebrating zipper day, there are. Celebrate innovation, inventiveness and creativity. Take part in problem-solving and join a think tank. Zipper Day is more than zippers; it’s a day to celebrate humanity’s ability to find ingenious solutions to common problems.

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