World Whisky Day

Do you like to enjoy a stiff drink now and then? There are so many whiskey lovers around the world that they love the drink. A whiskey shot is what can calm down frayed nerves, as long as that is done in moderation. There is a day dedicated to whiskey and why it is so appealing, World Whisky Day.

March 27th urges you to learn about whiskey and why it is so great, in moderation as it is World Whisky Day. The ‘e’ is in parentheses because Scottish, Japanese, and Canadian whiskies do not have the ‘e’. However, Irish and American whiskies do have the ‘e’. Another great thing about this day other than supporting the spirit is that it also helps Parkinson’s Disease publicly. That means you can do that while you enjoy a shot of whisky.

Whiskey or whisky is an alcoholic beverage distilled and made from the grain mash that is fermented or made from distilled beer. Several grains are used in the composition of whiskey, which includes rye, wheat, barley, and corn. The way you store whisky is in wooden casks, and that is how you age it—the best type of wood-to-age whisky in charred white oak. There are various whiskey types, including single malt whiskey, Irish whiskey, scotch, and bourbon.

Whisky has another reason to be celebrated, and that is because it has ample levels of polyphenols which are antioxidants from plants. It can help decrease your risk of heart disease and helps to lower bad cholesterol or LDL. It can also reduce triglycerides which is the fat in the blood.

History Of World Whisky Day

March 27th was the late author’s birthday, Michael James Jackson, who wrote about many best-selling books on whiskey and beer. Jackson passed away in 2007, and in 2009, there was a Whisky Day Festival in Holland that celebrated whisky writers on that day. Therefore, from there on, International Whisky Day was celebrated on March 27th of each year. Therefore, many bars have so many specials on whisky and they put a lot of emphasis on the spirit as well.

Not only is this day all about whisky, but it is all about remembering the late author, Michael James Jackson, and his best-selling books.

How To Celebrate World Whisky Day

Celebrating World Whisky Day is easy to do if you are a whisky lover. Go and give it your best shot. You can also buy yourself a lovely shot glass. If not, if you don’t like whisky or you are too young to drink, then you can always donate to a Parkinson’s Disease organization. Whatever you do to celebrate the day, post it on social media by using #InternationalWhiskyDay or #WorldWhiskeyDay.

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