Every third Saturday in May is World Whiskey Day. This is a holiday we can all celebrate gladly because whiskey is one of the most outstanding brown spirits on the planet! Learn more about this boozy holiday!

World Whisky Day

Every third Saturday in May is World Whiskey Day. Using the #worldwhiskyday hashtag, over 250,000 people worldwide are part of the event either by going to one of many events organized this day or opening a bottle of whiskey at home to enjoy with friends.

This is not only a marketing stunt, though; the Scottish Parliament recognized the day, making it official. This is the day to celebrate Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Irish Whiskey, Canadian Whisky and even the increasingly popular Japanese whisky. There are amazing whisky producers all around the world!

Enjoy a dram of your favorite whiskey and if you’re not into straight drinks, then try a whiskey cocktail! There’s no excuse not to be part of this memorable occasion. Making whiskey is an authentic act of love and an expensive, time-consuming endeavor. It’s only fair we pay our respects to the people behind our favorite spirit.

Suppose you don’t feel like leaving home. In that case, you can join an online whiskey experience like the Weekender, an online affair with over 30 lectures covering everything related to whiskey from all around the world. From whiskey producers to chefs and mixologists, be part of the whisky-loving community.

How not love such a versatile and universal drink? If you don’t drink whiskey regularly is because you haven’t found the right one for you, but trust us, it’s out there. There’s a type of whiskey to satisfy every palate.

Celebrate World Whiskey Day with moderation and learn something new! The world of whiskey is out there for you to discover.

History of World Whisky Day

Blair Bowman is the founder of World Whisky Day and author of The Pocket Guide to Whisky. He’s also a whiskey consultant and whiskey trainer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The world whiskey day was initially part of the launching of Mr. Bowman’s book, the Pocket Guide to Whiskey, released in 2012 — the very first World Whiskey Day.

If you’ve never tried whiskey before, this is the perfect opportunity to start. According to the founder, “We want to encourage everyone, from the seasoned specialist to the eager newcomer, to enjoy a dram.”

The World Whiskey Day website is also a great place to learn about whiskey, whiskey types and the differences between them. The world of whiskey is incredibly sophisticated and varied. Every producer has its own way of expressing the land through malt and grains, and that’s worthy of a celebration.

How to Celebrate World Whisky Day

Events take place all over the world to celebrate whisky on its special day. If you can’t find an event close to you, get yourself a bottle of your favorite whiskey and call some friends over! That’s all you need to commemorate World Whiskey Day!

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