World Table Tennis Day

April 6 is World Table Tennis Day, so dust off those rackets because it’s time to play a speedy match! Once a parlor game, today Table Tennis is an Olympic sport. Learn about this special day, an homage to the fastest game on earth.

Today table tennis is played in every corner of the world by people of all backgrounds, socioeconomic status and physical abilities. Table tennis is for everyone, and the International Table Tennis Federation takes this seriously. One of the most inclusive sports on the planet, Table Tennis Day is all about inclusion and universal opportunities.

This is the reason Table Tennis day is unique because it gives a stage for existing players to shine while showing the fast-paced sport and its virtues to people not in contact with it.

This is a day for tournaments of all levels. Amateurs and professionals battle it out to showcase the art of ping pong. It’s a day for exhibitions and bouncing balls. How does that sound?

In case you’re interested in knowing more about this exciting sport, ping pong or table tennis is a game for two or four players, who use small rackets to hit a light-weight celluloid hollow ball back and forth with immense speed. The ball bounces on the opposite side of the court trying to make the opposite player miss.

What was once a parlor game has become an Olympic sport. Rules have changed and so have the materials used for the balls, tables and rackets. The game is faster than ever.

Table tennis is entertaining, and it would surely be much more popular if more people could experience it. This is why Table Tennis Day is so special; it’s a way to bring the fun sport to everyone.

History of World Table Tennis Day

Table Tennis, or Ping Pong, has been around since 1901, and it has become a professional sport — the fast and energetic game has undoubtedly gone a long way!

The World Table Tennis Day is part of the renewed efforts to take the sport to the next level. It was created in 2015 by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) to get people interested in the sport’s competitive side.

Tournaments, activities, exhibitions and lots of buzz on social networks make this day really special, not only for table tennis players but also for people unfamiliar with the sport.

You can find official scheduled activities on the ITTF website, but don’t be surprised to see pop-up events on the streets and local table tennis tournaments at bars, sports clubs, schools and universities. Table tennis is growing in popularity, and it’s not going anywhere, that’s for sure!

How to Celebrate World Table Tennis Day

Dust off those table tennis rackets you have in the basement and get playing. If you want to celebrate World Table Tennis Day, then show everyone what you’ve got. You need not be a pro to have fun around a ping pong table.

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