June 26 is World Refrigeration Day, and that’s awesome because it’s hot outside! Learn more about the under-appreciated technology and see how you can help keep the world cool.

World Refrigeration Day

June 26 is World Refrigeration Day, and it might not sound all that exciting, but it is. Your life just wouldn’t be the same without refrigeration and air-conditioning, so be part of the celebration!

Here’s the deal, the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industries are massive and have significance globally. Still, no one gives the technology a second thought. As long as your AC is working, there’s no need to even think about how it works. Well, that changes today because the industry is asking for nothing but a little recognition and support for their hard work keeping everyone cool.

World Refrigeration Day is part of an awareness campaign to raise the profile of the cooling industry. The engineering behind even the most straightforward fridge or AC unit is astounding and represents authentic state-of-the-art innovation. Let’s give the sector a standing ovation and honor the men and women behind refrigeration technologies.

While you’re at it, consider if perhaps you’re abusing AC and refrigeration systems at home. Keeping our homes nice and cold has an environmental cost, so let’s not overdo it.

We’re sure you didn’t know how necessary refrigeration is in your life, but now you know, and today’s the perfect day to say thanks. Let’s keep the world comfortably cold by using refrigeration technologies responsibly. That’s what this is all about — what’s the point of having a sophisticated cooling system when global temperatures are rising every year? Let’s give refrigeration engineers a hand, and why not? A round of applause.

History of World Refrigeration Day

World Refrigeration Day was established in October 2018 by the Institute of Refrigeration in the UK. Now the holiday is also supported by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning. Yes, that’s a thing.

The event reached new heights when the United Nations, through its Environment Programme, supported the holiday to raise awareness about the topic — refrigeration is more complicated than you think!

The date was chosen to commemorate the birth date of Lord Kelvin, born in 1824 and the creator of the second laws of thermodynamics. He also determined the lowest temperature limit or absolute zero.

As stated on the World Refrigeration Day website, “Refrigeration is at the very heart of modern life,” and that means we should pay more attention and give more recognition to everyone involved in refrigeration and cooling. These unsung heroes will keep you dry and fresh this summer!

How to Celebrate World Refrigeration Day

Be mindful of your refrigeration needs. Don’t let your air-conditioning systems waste more energy than you really need. Take a minute and think about how life would be without refrigeration!

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