World Ovarian Cancer Day

May 8 is World Ovarian Cancer Day, a disease with the lowest survival rate amongst women’s cancers. There are over 20,000 cases of detected ovarian cancer every year. Help us raise awareness on this special day!

Last year alone, 21,410 cases of ovarian cancer were detected in the US alone. Only 7,640 women survived. With a survival rate of close to 50%, ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest diseases for women.

Therefore, over 170 healthcare organizations worldwide formed a coalition to fight cancer by raising awareness about it. May 8 is the World Ovarian Cancer Day, and it’s an opportunity to act.

With social media campaigns, awareness, and events, the organization looks to educate people about cancer, especially about the symptoms related to the disease. There’s a higher survival rate when the cancer is detected in the early stages.

If you suffer from bloating in the abdominal area, experience eating complications, have pain in the pelvic area, and experience urgent or frequent urination, talk to your doctor.

Ovarian cancer symptoms are often ignored, and 66% of women don’t know about ovarian cancer or its symptoms. This makes the tumor especially dangerous, and the need to educate people about it an urgent task.

Following the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s social media channels and sharing their information with your friends and family is a great way to help. Encouraging women around you to check themselves regularly is also an active way of fighting the deadly disease.

With knowledge comes prevention, and that means saving lives. May 8 is not a day to take for granted; let’s participate actively; every effort counts! Let’s save some lives and lower those statistics!

History of World Ovarian Cancer Day

The World Ovarian Cancer Day was established in 2013 by a group of cancer advocacy organizations. May 8 is a day to raise awareness about the common and deadly cancer that affects women worldwide.

Over 170 organizations globally play a part in this crucial awareness day in social media and live events to inform people about ovarian cancer symptoms and available treatments. They also support those who have cancer or survived it.

Being part of this day can massively improve the survival rate through education. With the hashtag #powerfultogether, we can all make a difference. Resources and materials are widely available at many healthcare organizations and the world ovarian cancer day coalition website.

With one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers, there’s a need to act now, both men and women can raise awareness about this disease.

How to Commemorate World Ovarian Cancer Day

Share information about ovarian cancer on your social channels and encourage women around you to learn about the cancer’s early symptoms.

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