May 30 is World Multiple Sclerosis Day. MS is the most common immune-mediated disorder and affects over 2.8 million people! Learn more about this date and see how you can be part of it.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day

May 30 is World Multiple Sclerosis Day. The disease known as encephalomyelitis disseminata or just MS is a rare disorder that damages the nervous system and spinal cord resulting in a long list of physical and mental problems.

No one is immune to MS and it currently affects 2.8 million people worldwide. Those affected, their friends and families, have a significant obstacle ahead, and it can only be conquered by acting as a community.

World MS Day is all about creating awareness about the disease that has no known cure. The treatments are modestly effective, and they have significant side effects. When the nervous system fails, the entire body is threatened. The life expectancy for a person diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is five to ten years, and every year around 19,000 people lose their lives against it.

There’s lots to do in terms of education around the disease, as most of the population is unaware of the threat MS represents to all of us. There’s a need for support systems for those affected and their families, and treatment must be more accessible and effective.

That’s what May 30 is all about. This is World Multiple Sclerosis Day, and the whole world must come together to give priority to understand the disorder better.

The causes leading to developing the disease are unknown, and the disorder can affect anyone. Why not act now? I not for ourselves; let’s do it for those around us. Let’s all come together to find a solution to all the problems caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

History of World Multiple Sclerosis Day

May 30 is World Multiple Sclerosis Day, thanks to the efforts of the many people behind the MS International Federation.

We observed the first World MS Day in 2009 with a strong campaign that reaches more people every year. Events and campaigns, online resources and community activities worldwide encourage people suffering the disease to share stories and raise awareness about the disease.

This particular date aims to build communities to support people who have Multiple Sclerosis while demanding from the authorities better services and treatment for those affected.

2.8 million people suffer from MS worldwide, and their friends and families are also greatly affected. With the help of individuals and organizations, we can help increase awareness about the topic and educate people about the nerve-damaging disease. Over ten years after the creation of World Multiple Sclerosis Day, there’s still lots to do.

How to Celebrate World Multiple Sclerosis Day

Get in touch with the community of people suffering from MS and their families. There are many things to do to create awareness and demand better access to support and treatment for the those affected by the disorder.

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