World Hemophilia Day

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that affects 1 in 10,000 births. That’s 400 babies every year only in the US. This is the inability to stop bleeding, and that’s worrying. Today is April 17, World Hemophilia Day, and we must all be part of it. Read more about it here.

Blood clotting problems that could lead to complications and even premature death after a minor trauma have been reported since ancient times. Still, it wasn’t until modern medical knowledge that we identified this disease as genetic and named it hemophilia.

Before the 1960s, the life expectancy for a person affected by hemophilia was of 11 years. Today, with medication, treatments and special care, patients can live almost normal lives — this is why we commemorate World Hemophilia Day every April 17.

There’s no cure for hemophilia, but there’s much to do to improve people’s lives suffering from the bleeding disorder.

There’s an ample opportunity to educate the public about the condition. Most importantly, to channel people with hemophilia, most of them who don’t even know they suffer from the disease, to receive proper and timely treatment and care.

This is an awareness day, meaning this is a date to be active, to take part and communicate. Every year, there’s a common topic, from raising awareness about the different types of hemophilia to improving the lives of those affected. The ultimate goal is to spread the word: Together, we can overcome hemophilia.

Let’s be part of the hemophilia community. We all and our children are susceptible to the disorder. Chances are you know someone suffering from the condition, whether they’re gen carriers or suffer from the condition. We’re all together in this one, so let’s make the most out of this important day — Let’s make it count!

History of World Hemophilia Day

We can thank the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) for the creation of World Hemophilia Day. The World Health Organization recognizes the institution itself, and it has members in 113 countries.

The first World Hemophilia Day took place in 1989, and April 17 was chosen to honor the organization’s founder, Frank Schnabel, on his birthday.

The movement has grown stronger and has gained a wider reach thanks to social media, online video content and closer communities thanks to the Internet’s magic.

Today, this is one of the best organized and focused efforts to raise awareness about a genetic disorder focusing on treatment research, aid to the affected, and education.

With its headquarters in Montreal, Canada, the WFH spearheads the new era of bleeding disorder treatments and awareness actively all year round. We know you can contribute at least on April 17!

How to Be Part of the World Hemophilia Day

The best way of playing a part in this important awareness day is learning more about hemophilia, and the World Federation of Hemophilia’s website is a great way to start!

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