Jun 14 is World Blood Donor Day, and it’s an invitation to donate some of your blood to save a life! Visit your local medical center and see how you can help. Read more about it here!

World Blood Donor Day

Jun 14 is World Blood Donor Day, and that means you should consider visiting your local medical center to donate some blood.

Blood donation is critical for blood transfusions, and it’s typically the work of blood banks to handle the resources. It is commonly known that there aren’t enough blood donors around the world to satisfy all the transfusion needs. That stresses the healthcare system, causing alternative ways of getting blood popular in less developed countries, like paying for blood, which leads to other social problems.

Not everyone can donate blood, though. Blood transmitted diseases, including viral hepatitis and HIV, prevent people from donating blood, and some countries have some other restrictions.

Of course, if you’re healthy, nothing is stopping you from donating blood to your community. That’s why we celebrate Jun 14 as World Blood Donor Day. It’s an homage for the people that donate blood, not for social pressure or because they have a relative in the hospital, but because they’re eager to help.

Blood donation is safe and relatively painless, and it is incredibly useful. There are still no synthetic alternatives for blood, and almost all donations save lives. The World Health Organization does more than promote blood donations; it raises the standard for safe blood and high-quality donations eliminating the risk of spreading disease. ‘Safe blood for all’ is more than a mission but a call to action.

Donate some blood and feel good about yourself. You won’t even feel the needle, we promise!

History of World Blood Donor Day

Blood Donor Day is observed every Jun 14 at a global scale as an effort by the World Health Organization. The date was established in 2015 to create awareness around the importance of blood transfusions for successful treatments and medical interventions of all kinds.

Along with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the WHO brings to the public resourceful campaigns to educate the public about the pressing matter while incentivizing people to donate blood regularly, not only when one of their relatives’ needs it.

Blood transfusion is vital in both planned treatments and medical emergencies, as sufficient viable blood can be the difference between life and death to the patient.

The critical word here is ‘donation’ since people should donate blood expecting nothing in return. We all generate new blood all the time, and a strong donor base is needed for a reliable health system.

How to Celebrate World Blood Donor Day

Go on, donate some of your blood to the more significant cause. It’s incredible how a few extra bags of the right blood can change someone’s future. Who knows? Perhaps someday, we’ll be the ones needing some blood.

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