Jun 12 is Superman Day. Faster than a speeding bullet, the man of steel is undoubtedly amongst the most powerful superheroes in history. Learn all about his special day here!

Superman Day

Jun 12 is Superman Day. In fact, in some places, the entire weekend is dedicated to the ‘man of steel’, and it’s because Superman, despite not being the coolest of superheroes, has a special significance in pop culture, and it has a massive fanbase around the world.

Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster created superman in 1935. However, they spend years changing the hero’s personality, name and powers looking to find their way into the competitive comic strip industry of the 30s. By 1938 Superman looked very much like we know him today, and its big day came in 1940 with the first Superman Day. The rest is history.

There’s no doubt the awkward Clark Kent and the invincible Superman have become one of our favorite characters, and Superman is still the biggest marquee name for DC Comics.

Superman Day is celebrated every Jun 12 to give some recognition to the noble hero and his creators, who helped pave the path for other artists, resulting in the thriving comic and animated scene we have today.

This is a day to believe in good versus evil again, to believe in heroes. You know what they say, not all heroes wear capes, and although Superman does wear one, it’s still an icon and a role model for kids worldwide.

Who would have guessed a newspaper comic strip should become the symbol for all things good? Well, that’s Superman, and we can celebrate with the hero every year.

History of Superman Day

Publicist Allen ‘Duke’ Ducovny created Superman day for the 1940s New York World’s Fair. The grand event was focused on technology with a futuristic view, and it was the first time someone used a Superman costume. An on-site Superman radio appearance and an exclusive comic sold only in the fair were part of the celebration as well.

As stated by the Superman supersite, the first Superman Day, the date for the international fair, is Jul 3, 1940. Still, today we celebrate the hero on another date. Jun 12 is Superman day for yet another reason; it was brought back to the mainstream to promote the 2013 Superman film.

People in Illinois also have a particular date for the character, called the Superman celebration, and it takes place during the second weekend of June — between Jun 11 and the 14th. Who knew the popular animated character had so many fans around the world?

How to Celebrate Superman Day

There’s a big chance your local comic store has something special for the date. You can also be part of the official Superman celebration if you live in the Midwest. If you’re celebrating at home, watch a Superman movie with friends!

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