Jun 2 is Rotisserie Chicken Day, and what better way of celebrating it than getting yourself one fat, golden-skinned bird? Who can say no to the world’s most famous ready-to-eat food? Because that’s Rotisserie Chicken! Learn more here.

Rotisserie Chicken Day

Rotisserie Chicken Day is celebrated in the country every Jun 2, and it’s a time to share a quick and easy store-bought meal with your loved ones.

Rotisserie Chicken is noble like that. It’s inexpensive, satisfying, and crowd-pleasing. Who doesn’t fall for that delicious smell? And then there’s that crackly skin! That’s one good meal.

Well, today it’s Rotisserie Chicken Day, so you know what to do. Head on to your local market and get a juicy bird. And why not add some significance to the holiday by inviting those close to you?

Better yet, get a chicken for you and your people and another one for someone who could really use a warm meal. That’s right; today holiday is also about helping out and lending a hand to those having a rough time. This type of meal is one that can bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Did you know? Although rotisserie chicken has been a thing for thousands of years when people impaled a chicken and cooked it over an open flame, it became a convenient, ready-to-eat item in supermarkets in the 1990s? Precisely when the massive Boston Market Restaurant chain brough the tasty bird to the masses.

Let’s celebrate today with a family meal and give thanks for the convenient dish — one that everyone can enjoy, and no one can say no to! Jun 2 has just got better. It’s now one of the tastiest days on the calendar!

History of Rotisserie Chicken Day

We can all thank Boston Market Restaurants for founding National Rotisserie Chicken Day every Jun 2. The chain celebrates the holiday with online coupons for Buy 1 and Get 1 for free, and the likes and they also give away roasted chicken with large purchases. The key here is sharing the love for the golden-skinned bird.

2015 was the first year we celebrated Rotisserie Chicken, and it’s part of a larger community strategy by the brand; they do lots of fundraisers and support families having a hard time.

Rotisserie chicken is not only convenient and wholesome but also inexpensive and nourishing, which is why the juicy chicken has become one of everyone’s favorite meals. A rotisserie chicken will feed a whole family for an entire day, and that’s quite special for people living in less favorable conditions. Rotisserie chicken is here to stay, so why not make the most out of it?

How to Celebrate Rotisserie Chicken Day

No one’s cooking tonight. Today is Rotisserie Chicken Day, and that means getting a fat, roasted bird with a crispy skin. Do you know what ‘s the best part of rotisserie chicken? The succulent leftovers the next day!

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