Respect Your Cat Day

Does your feline friend make you happy? Has your kitty always been there for you when you are having a hard day or if you are sad about something? If you answer ‘yes,’ have you also been giving your cat the love and respect he or she deserves? If not, you will want to remind yourself to do that on Respect Your Cat Day.

March 28th urges you to remember to give your feline friend as much love and support as they give to you when you go through hard times. That is because that is Respect Your Cat Day, and you will want to give your cat a lot of love, even on days when you just want to be left alone.

Yes, your cat may be the one to want to do things on its terms because that is what cats are known to do. At times, they would prefer to lie somewhere alone and away from others. However, there are many other times when your cat only wants to cuddle up to you when you feel blue or sick.

Therefore, you will want to acknowledge that your cat needs their alone time on Respect Your Cat Day. That means not to bother them when they want to be by themselves as they are pretty independent. You also want to acknowledge those days when your cat stays close to you when dealing with hardships.

Therefore, you also want to be mindful of how you pet your cat as if you rub them in a way that annoys them, not being respectful to them. Make sure you also hold your cat in a way that makes them feel safe. The bottom line is to respect your feline friend.

History Of Respect Your Cat Day

The origin of Respect Your Cat Day is not known. However, cats have been loved and worshiped for thousands of years, starting in 4,000 B.C. as the Egyptians saw them as sacred animals and worshiped them. In 500 B.C., in China, the first cat was the emperor, and the Chinese were believed to be aristocratic. In 2015, cat videos were the videos that went viral the most as there were two million of them on YouTube, and views were around 12,000 per day, which was higher than any other category. It is not a surprise that Respect Your Cat Day had been established based on any of those things, as there are other cat national days throughout the year.

How To Celebrate Respect Your Cat Day

If you have a cat, not only show them a lot of love but dote on them, and take plenty of pictures of your feline friend. Share those pictures of your cat on social media, and talk about why your cat is so amazing. Don’t forget to add #RespectYourCatDay in the post.

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