June 23 is Public Service Day, an international celebration to the people behind essential social services in health, safety, education and more. Let’s give back to those behind all our basic needs! Learn more here.

Public Service Day

June 23 is Public Service Day, and it’s celebrated worldwide because people working in public services often have the most challenging and most important jobs! These people are on the front lines against disease, crime, poverty and injustice. Still, they’re often under-appreciated. Well, not today.

Today it’s all about honoring the hard work of firefighters, teachers, police offices and health care staff — and then there’s the social workers as well! Even attorneys contribute to society’s wellbeing.

There’s a big chance you encounter a public worker today, whether it’s at the park or a hospital. Smile and thank them for their hard work. Let’s face it; public workers are not the best-paid people out there. They often struggle for budget, tools, uniforms and whatnot, especially in less developed countries, where public service jobs are mainly underpaid.

Our society depends on its institutions, and those institutions would be nothing but empty buildings without qualified staff. Public servants are just that, people that serve the best interest of our country. And they not only serve but protect the very things that make our world great.

Then there’s the hardest part, dealing with society’s problems. No one wants to deal with the often-unsolvable problems, like crime, drug abuse, family violence and poverty, but social servers do their best to handle them, and that alone is worthy of our highest respects. Let’s give public service workers a hand and behave. We can’t give everyone a day off, but we can certainly make this day memorable for public service workers.

History of Public Service Day

The United Nations General Assembly established Jun 23 as Public Service Day in December 2002 to celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community. Recognizing the work of public servants globally is critical to achieving social stability and promoting the development of satisfying careers in the sector is the way to get there.

The UN Public Service Awards were created shortly after, in 2003, to reward innovation and excellence in public sectors, giving people an incentive to dedicate their lives to the community. Creating awareness of the importance of public servants and their work in our daily lives is everyone’s job, not just the UN’s.

There’s still a disparity between public services in the developed world and the services in developing countries. Public servants’ jobs are even harder in these conditions; therefore, we must address the topic globally. That means it matters to you too!

How to Celebrate Public Service Day

Reach out to public servants in your community and say thanks. Donate to public service organizations and try not to make public servant’s jobs harder with your behavior.

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