Pillow Fight Day

The first Saturday of April is Pillow Fight Day, an international celebration that started with a gentler take on Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s Fight Club. Carry your pillow around because you never know when a flash mob can attack you, and you know they’re out there for feathers!

Pillow fights have existed since the invention of pillows. Of course, 7000 years ago, pillows were made of stone, but we’re talking about the first soft pillows, going back to the Ancient Greeks around 4000 years ago.

After the popular Fight Club movie, released in 1999, a series of serious and not-so-serious clubs emerged throughout the world. Some of the most fun, of course, was the gentler pillow fight clubs.

The flash mob phenomena, a series of organized events occurring spontaneously in public places, rose thanks to the development of modern technology, social media, and chat networks, and they gave birth to the first Worldwide Pillow Fight Day on March 22, 2008. It then became the International Pillow Fight Day.

Although there are rarely unfortunate incidents, getting hit by a pillow can take you off balance, so the following rules are often recognized in every pillow fight event:

  • Swing lightly and only use soft pillows.
  • Don’t hit people without pillows, wearing glasses, or holding cameras.
  • Stay to clean up after. Pillow fights can get messy!

Pillow fight events also have a strong sense of helping others. Any earnings generated are often donated to charity, and the pillows themselves, often donated by pillow manufacturers, are donated too, at least the ones that survive.

Bringing your own pillow is encouraged for some events, but it’s not as common. Of course, it’s almost obligatory in private pillow fight parties.

Pillow Fight Day is all about releasing some stress, being active, and having fun.

History of Pillow Fight Day

The first organized, global pillow fight mob took place on March 22, 2008, with over 5,000 attendants only in New York City. There were pillow fights in at least 25 major cities, including Seattle and London. The event was organized by the University of Toronto students and was advertised through social networks, emails and private messages.

This first massive flash mob became the Pillow Fight Day, now celebrated the first Saturday in April.

Today Facebook pages and groups dedicated to the new sport have active and engaging communities and pillow fight events are more organized than ever. Although Pillow Fight Day can fall in any of the first days of April, it’s always on the weekend, guaranteeing everyone can join, and if you live in a major city, chances are there’s going to be a large event near you.

Keep in mind pillow fights are often secretive in the flash mob-style and might not look like a fight until it’s time to go down!

How to Celebrate Pillow Fight Day

Although nothing stops you from starting a pillow fight in your house against your loved ones, you might want to browse the web for public events and flash mobs happening around you. Keep in mind there are rules in pillow fighting, mostly in place to ensure there are no real injuries and that everyone has fun!

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