No-Diet Day

Today is May 6, and that means it’s International No-Diet Day. A day to remember you’re beautiful, just the way you are! Learn more about this special date and see how to get involved!

The International No Diet Day has now been around for almost three decades, and it has been adopted by people worldwide. The day has concrete goals that can help people accept themselves as they are and not having to feel stressed about their weight.

The No-Diet Day invites people to question the idea of one right body shape. It raises awareness about weight discrimination and ideal body shapes in the media. The holiday is also a wake-up call to prevent people from getting obsessed about how they look and how much they weigh.

According to the people supporting the international No-Diet Day, diets are primarily inefficient and stressful. Most commercial diets and weight loss programs work on guilt and make people feel bad about themselves and frustrated when not achieving often unreal weight loss goals.

This is also a day to remind people that weight discrimination has caused people to take their lives, and so has irrational dieting. This is a serious matter, and it’s a reminder for everyone, not only for people with weight problems, that judging people for their size is not only wrong but dangerous.

The International No-Diet Day is precisely that, a day where you should forget about avoiding specific foods or guide your decisions based on your weight. We’re all allowed to break our diets, at least for a day. That, of course, if you’re not on a medically prescribed diet. Those diets you should follow!

History of No Diet Day

The International No Diet Day was created in 1992 by Mary Evans Young, director of the British group called the Diet Breakers. It all started with a picnic at London’s Hyde Park. The motto ‘Ditch that diet’ became associated with the feminist movement and soon became an international movement and philosophy.

The idea behind the International No Diet Day is not to eat unconsciously or unhealthily, but to learn to love yourself as you are. Diets are incredibly stressful, and thousands of women worldwide suffer from depression for not being able to meet their weight goals or feeling too fat or too skinny.

No-Diet Day challenges the idea of what is considered a beautiful body and makes people reconsider if they should really go to extenuating diets just to lose some pounds. This is a day to raise awareness about weight discrimination.

How to Celebrate No Diet Day

At least for a day, stop worrying about how you look and what other people think about you. Breathe, and enjoy a nice meal without feeling guilty!

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