National Winston Churchill Day
Palu, Indonesia – August 11 2020: Minimal color illustration of World War 2 British prime minister Winston Churchill with simple background

Friday 9th is National Winston Churchill’s Day. The very same man who led Britain to victory in WWII. This guy was cool, and he certainly deserves his own day. As Sir W. Churchill said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Learn more in this post.

If you’re wondering why we celebrate a day in honor of another country’s prime minister, here’s the story.

April 9 commemorates a memorable ceremony between American President John F. Kennedy and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in which Kenney made Churchill, an honorary American citizen. That’s a big deal since it doesn’t happen very often.

The year was 1963, and although Sir W. Churchill wasn’t in the building, it was a touching post-war moment.

Actually, Churchill’s mom was American, so Mr. Churchill was legally already an American. Nevertheless, this might have been the first time someone worthy gained honorary American citizenship; Mother Teresa did too a few years later, and so did other six people.

Churchill was a masterful politician and military strategist. Kennedy rewarded the highest honor with the words, “Whenever and wherever tyranny threatened, he has always championed liberty. Facing firmly toward the future, he has never forgotten the past.”

Churchill days is often the time to be part of unique museum exhibits, attend lectures, and read interesting stuff online.

History buffs rejoice. This is a day to reflect on the past and revisit some of the most important events of the twentieth century, including WWII and the Cold War.

Men like Sir Winston Churchill are remembered and respected, and many of today’s political leaders could learn a thing or two about them. We can all do, so let’s know a bit more about the history of this important date. This is history in the making right here!

History of National Winston Churchill Day

Becoming an honorary American citizen is no easy feat. Some people are just so extraordinary that America has to have them on their team.

That’s precisely what happened on April 7, 1963, when the current president, another extraordinary man, John F. Kennedy, under the authority contained in an Act of the 88th Congress, proclaimed Sir Winston Churchill as an honorary citizen of the United States.

Interestingly, Mr. Churchill’s family came from Brooklyn, New York, which might explain his feisty personality!

Seriously, this is a great honor. And although Mr. Churchill died on January 24, 1965, he couldn’t attend the ceremony, but his son and grandson were present.

You must really play your cards right to get a distinction as memorable as this one. Even for American citizens, being recognized by the US president, especially if he’s a Kennedy, is a big deal.

How to Celebrate National Winston Churchill Day

Pour yourself a glass of scotch and light up a cigar, Churchill-style. This guy had quite a temperament, but lots of wisdom, too — just what you need to lead a country to victory.

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