Jun 7 is National VCR Day, and that means dusting off some oversized magnetic tape cassettes and putting a low-fidelity movie to enjoy with friends and family. Here’s what you need to know about the ancient tech.

National VCR Day
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Jun 7 is National VCR Day, and that means allowing yourself to feel nostalgic for the low-fidelity video technologies that dominated the industry during the 70s, 80s and part of the 90s.

Celebrations in the realm of technology are not common, but they’re certainly welcome. Every step we have taken in the area has led to better, smaller and more reliable ways of enjoying music, video and now live streaming and movies on demand!

The VHS had an immense significance in the world of home entertainment, and although all of us who amassed massive collections of movie cassettes now feel silly, it was a breakthrough and a fun one indeed!

The last VHS was produced in 2016 as an homage to the magnetic tape, and the first one to be ever produced is now in a museum. Sure, VHS tapes had a low fidelity, an awful resolution and sound, at least compared to today’s standards, but they were fun, easy to reproduce, and you could even record over an old tape — that was a big deal!

Now you know why Jun 7 is National VCR Day. Because old tech matters. Without it, we wouldn’t have our fancy phones or movie streaming services. It all started with the VHS. Let’s show some appreciation to cassettes!

Go on and spread the word. Today is VHS Day, and that means telling the old tales, especially to the young ones who have never seen a VHS cassette. They’ll be quite impressed!

History of National VCR Day

We don’t know who established Jun 7 as National VHS Day, but we do know some history about the video recording technology. The VHS was developed in 1956, although it reached the mainstream in the 1970s when a VCR player had a hefty price tag of over $1,000!

Video Cassette Recorders became the standard for both home video and commercial movies for the next few decades until the DVD arrived in the early-00s. By the way, did you know VHS means Video Home System?

What stands out about the technology is that VHS wasn’t even reliable, even at that time. Revolutionary, yes, but fail-proof? Certainly not. Every cassette contains 1,410 feet of magnetic tape, and it got stuck. And don’t get us started on recording something into a VHS cassette; if you got married in the eighties, you surely remember the big guy with a massive camera on his shoulder!

How to Celebrate National VCR Day

Find some dusty old VHS movies in the attic and put on a retro movie night with friends and family. Feel nostalgic and celebrate the days before DVDs and movie streaming! Those were the good-old days.

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