National Raisin Day

April 30 is Raisin Day. The healthy, rugged grapes are not only the perfect all-natural snacks, but they’re also one of the oldest processed foods in human history. Learn all about this sweet holiday and join us to celebrate raisins with the thousands of people behind the dried grapes’ production.

Raisins are one of the oldest processed foods on the planet. People harvested grapes and dried them under the sun over 4,000 years ago. Raisins are more shelf-stable, nutritious and easy to carry than regular fruit — think of the Ancient Era’s superfood, that’s raisins right there.

Raisins are packed with nutrition and energy, and since you can turn four pounds of fresh grapes into one pound of raisins, they’re easier to store and carry around. Raisins are a significant discovery on our path to modernity, and today they’re still an essential ingredient in our diets.

April 30 is Raisin Day, and it’s an awareness day to promote the consumption of raisins, particularly in grape-growing regions such as California. Raisins have significant health benefits as well and are the perfect substitute for the unhealthy snacks we eat every day.

There’s more. Raisins are of the highest quality, the USDA supervises their production in the States, and producers even make raisin juice and raisin paste for culinary use. Who knew raisins were that interesting?

Ok, raisins might not be that interesting, but supporting farmers is, especially in this time and age. The farmlands are being depleted at a global scale, either for pollution or socio-economic factors. Buying raisins or any agricultural product from family-owned farms and local producers is vital for a sustainable future, and Raisin Day is part of that, too. Let’s support farmers worldwide, and if they produce delicious raisins, even better.

History of National Raisin Day

The year was 1909 when raisin producers in California promoted April 30 as Raisin Day. Today, there are over 2,000 raisin growers in the Golden State, producing two-thirds of the country’s raisins and exporting to 50 countries around the world.

The grape industry is prominent in California, with wine grape growers gaining the most recognition. Still, raisin growers are a thriving industry as well, and they make considerable efforts to promote raisin consumption. This is the reason for Raisin Day, a day where the raisin industry makes noise on social media, releases raisin-related recipes, and place advertisements in newspapers and online. It’s a day where everyone must at least remember how special the dried grapes are.

Make no mistake; if you live in California, you’ll surely be close to a raisin event. If you live elsewhere, you might probably want to see if there are special prices or discounts on raisins.

How to Celebrate National Raisin Day

If you live in a raisin production region, you’ll find plenty of ways of celebrating the rugged grapes. There will undoubtedly be more than one party to commemorate the healthy snack. If you live elsewhere, make the effort of supporting the vital raisin community by supporting farmers and local producers.

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