June 22 is National Onion Ring Day, so let’s celebrate one of our favorite fried finger foods! Onion rings are the best way of enjoying the aromatic bulb, so join the celebration. Learn more about this tasty holiday here!

National Onion Ring Day

Of course, we needed an official holiday for onion rings! We celebrate National Onion Ring Day every year on June 22, and it’s perfect — summer is here, and that means having a few cold ones with the country’s favorite beer snack.

Recipes for battered onions, though, go back to the early 1800s, so there’s a big chance the popular deep-fried snack has been around for longer than you think. The item became widespread in fast food stalls in the 1920s, and one hundred years later, they’re still hard not to love.

National Onion Ring Day is an effort to make people consume more of the healthy and nutritious bulb; it’s an easy way to get people to eat the root veggie! Onion rings are also part of the country’s culture and are present in stadiums, sports bars, pubs and every burger restaurant in the country — the crispy snacks are French fries’ fiercest competition.

Onion rings might not be the healthiest of snacks, but they’re healthier than fries, as they add fewer calories than the starchy potatoes. Besides, a homemade beer batter is an authentic delicacy, and those who master it often keep their recipe secret.

Enjoy Onion Ring Day calling some friends to watch a game, make your own onion rings or get a basket at your favorite restaurant! Let make this one of the most memorable holidays on the calendar and snack on the delicious fried onions, not just today, but every time you get together with friends!

History of National Onion Ring Day

The National Onion Association created National Onion Ring Day to promote the consumption of American-grown onions. The association is over 100 years old, as it was founded in 1913 to protect the interests of onion growers in the country. Promoting the dry bulb is the organization’s top priority, and the delicious holiday is just one of many efforts to increase the consumption of the healthy and tasty ingredient.

June 22 celebrates one of the most crowd-pleasing ways of enjoying onions, the onion rings. The beer snack certainly has more appeal than onions alone, and it can reach a wider audience. If people consume onion rings, they consume onions. The strategy has certainly worked: no menu is complete without the popular item, especially in American diners, burger restaurants, sports bars and pubs.

Food historians believe the first battered and fried onion rings were served in the 1920s in Kirby’s Pig Stand, Dallas, allegedly the first restaurant to offer drive-in service as well.

How to Celebrate National Onion Ring Day

Make your onion rings and enjoy them with your favorite dip. The crispy rings are easier to make than you think, and homemade onion rings are always better than the frozen stuff. Share your rings with the hashtag #onionringday.

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