National No Pants Day

Is it the First Friday of May already? That means today is National No Pants Day. You heard that right. What started as a college prank is now a global phenomenon. Read more about it here!

The National No Pants Day is now an international phenomenon. A synchronized act of flash humor that’s so easy to be part of that many people do.

Everyone that has heard about No Pants Day knows every first Friday of May is a day they can walk around with no pants; you don’t have to do much more to be part of the amusing celebration. You might think you’ll be the only crazy person walking around in your underwear, but you’ll be surprised to see more people take part in the experience than you think.

No Pants Day is about having fun and doing something unexpected. The holiday is all about challenging the way we do things and question simple concepts as wearing pants. Completely harmless, walking around just with your underwear is a way to overcome your shyness and give people a chance to giggle.

No Pants Day is just funny; there’s no special significance behind it. It’s a synchronized comical act taking place simultaneously all around the world by random people. The non-official holiday doesn’t discriminate, meaning anyone can take part — that’s special in a way.

Although some people just go to work without pants, most people go to no pants parties instead, a way to be part of the celebration without compromising your job or being judged.

Look for no pants parties or pants-free pub crawls around you. Let’s challenge some social norms and have fun while we’re at it! No pants? No problem!

History of National No Pants Day

A group of students known as the Knighthood of Buh at the University of Texas in the mid-80s started the tradition of pulling their pants down to celebrate the end of the semester.

The group is a well-known non-profit organization doing random acts of flash humor, mainly around Austin, Texas. Their biggest hit, though, is No Pants Day.

The movement gained traction in other cities in the United States and soon in countries around the world. Today many people find in the non-official holiday an excuse to walk around without wearing pants.

The holiday serves various purposes, although none are evident. Being part of a global movement gives people a sense of community, and since everyone can participate, many people do. There’s now lots of media attention around No Pants Day, interesting more people every year. Who doesn’t want to walk around with no pants all day?

How to Celebrate National No Pants Day

Leave your pants at home. Go to work on your underwear, but you might want to give your boss a heads up. Perhaps your coworkers might want to join!

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