Since 2006, producing a penny costs twice as much as the coin is worth. If that isn’t crazy enough, there are more reasons to commemorate May 23, National Lucky Penny Day. Read on and learn more!

National Lucky Penny Day

A penny is worth one cent of a dollar but costs two cents to produce. That’s food for thought! In today’s economy, pennies might not even be necessary, making the coins somewhat of a rarity.

One cent coins might not be worth spending today, so why not keep them as lucky pennies? May 22 is National Lucky Penny Day, and that means finding yourself a lucky coin!

As for lucky pennies, people say you must find a penny on the floor, and it must be heads-up to be a lucky charm. Finding any type of money on the floor is a stroke of luck, if you ask us, but to have a proper lucky penny, you must follow the rules.

Did you know pennies have been around since 1787? Experts say Benjamin Franklin designed the first coins himself! Finding one of these original cents is proof that you’re in luck — known as the Fugio cent, these beauties now cost a fortune!

Most of your pennies surely have the head of Abraham Lincoln in one face, but there have been several other designs through the years, and they can be quite collectible. This is another excellent reason to look for lost pennies on the streets. You never know when you’ll find yourself with a rare piece of history!

Today they make pennies with zinc, and they have copper plating. Although not as valuable as 100% copper coins, they can still be lucky coins! Share your lucky coin on social media on National Lucky Penny Day and keep your coin close to your heart.

History of National Lucky Penny Day

We don’t know precisely when people started observing the National Lucky Penny Day on May 23, and we’ll probably never know, but we have a rather good theory.

The first American pennies or one-cent pieces were minted in 1787 and have been, for the most time, made with copper or another metal with a copper plating. The metal used to produce pennies matters since copper is a valuable commodity during war times. This made pennies scarce. Throughout history, they’ve been melted for ammo and other provisions.

Finding a penny on the streets during that time was undoubtedly being lucky, which might have led to the tradition of keeping copper pennies for good luck. The government eventually replaced copper for other materials, including brass, zinc, and even aluminum; today, finding a 100% copper penny is being lucky, so we could say any copper penny is a lucky coin!

How to Celebrate National Lucky Penny Day

Find yourself a lucky penny. And no, not any penny will do — you must find a penny heads-up on the floor and pick it up. Then don’t spend it! It will bring you luck!

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