National Life Insurance Day

May 2 is National Life Insurance Day and a healthy reminder to ensure you and your loved ones are protected with essential insurance. You never need a life policy until you do. Read more about it!

National Life Insurance is Celebrated every May 2. Although it might not sound like the most exciting of holidays, it is crucial, much more than you think.

Six out of ten people in the US have life insurance, and the number is much smaller in less developed countries. Actually, from those people who do have life insurance, statistics say most of them are massively under-insured.

In fact, only two out of every ten people have long-term care insurance. With rising healthcare prices and unpayable hospital bills, having life and health insurance is not a luxury but a necessity.

Therefore, every May 2, we celebrate National Life Insurance Day, a friendly reminder to evaluate your insurance needs. This is a day of awareness and of taking five minutes to talk to an insurance representative.

Did you know at least 41 million Americans acknowledge they need insurance but don’t have it? If it weren’t for insurances included in work contracts and schools, the so-called group insurances, most people would not be protected by any kind of insurance policy.

Sure, there are more exciting national days on the calendar, but few are as important as the National Life Insurance day. Make it count and don’t wait. Do some insurance research today. Your health and the well-being of those around you depend on the choices you make regarding insurance policies.

If you have car insurance, why not protect your health? Let’s pump those stats and get ourselves some insurance policies!

History of National Life Insurance Day

The Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance Office, founded in 1706 in London, was the first institution to offer a life insurance policy in 1762.

Around the same time, the Fund for Presbyterian Ministers in the US launched its own version of life insurance. The day was May 2, 1759. Therefore, May 2 is the anniversary of the first life insurance policy ever being written in the United States.

It comes without saying this is a great day to call an insurance representative; this is a day of awareness, after all. Insurance policies are most sophisticated than ever, and there are many insurance companies available to choose from. There’s an insurance policy to meet your lifestyle and budget, so don’t over-think it.

Let’s celebrate National Life Insurance Day by being responsible and taking care of our insurance needs. Do it for you and the ones close to you!

How to Celebrate National Life Insurance Day

Call an insurance representative and make sure you and your loved ones are covered. Make sure you talk with friends and colleagues about it, too. Chances are you’re not the only one with insurance needs.

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