National Lemonade Day

The first Saturday of May is National Lemonade Day. Everyone’s favorite summer drink has its own special day, and it’s because lemonade is much more than a refreshment; it’s a way to teach kids about starting a business. Learn more here!

Lemonade is awesome. Just three ingredients coming together for a fresh, all-natural drink. There’s nothing like lemon juice, sugar, and water to quench your thirst.

Well, every first Saturday of May is Lemonade Day, but it’s more than a chance to show our appreciation for the citrusy drink; it’s a campaign to encourage kids to start their own business — the famous lemonade stand.

Selling lemonade is not reserved for the small entrepreneurs; although the drink goes back to the ancient Egyptian Empire, the lemonade stands as we know it became widespread in the 1800s for grownups and children to earn a living.

Selling lemonade has always been an easy way for people to grow a relatively small investment. This has led parents to encourage their kids to sell lemonade to buy the newest toy they’ve been asking for. Lemonade stands are a tradition in the country.

Lemonade Day is more than capitalism, though; it’s about diversity, equity, and inclusion. The institution behind the holiday is committed to educational programs that promote the entrepreneurial spirit. Kids learn to achieve goals, work as a team, and find success in any circumstance contributing to social progress.

With Lemonade Day programs in all 50 states, chances are you’ll find one close to you. Join the hype and get your kids an entrepreneurial mindset. While you’re at it, get yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade from your closest stand, and support local businesses. What starts as lemonade stands can soon become a thriving local economy! That’s what Lemonade Day is all about.

History of National Lemonade Day

Entrepreneur Michael Holthouse, a successful businessman in the tech industry, created the National Lemonade Day in 2007 to give back to the community.

National Lemonade Day is more than a memorable day on the calendar, it’s also a strategic lesson-based program that walks kids and teenagers through an entrepreneurial path showing them they can achieve their dreams through hard work.

What started as a local program in Houston, Texas, is now a nationwide effort that has helped thousands of kids find their way into capitalism responsibly.

Lemonade Day is also about inclusion, diversity and community. The foundation’s entrepreneurship program is open for everyone regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic background.

Almost 15 years after its foundation, Lemonade Day is amongst the most successful entrepreneurship-oriented youth programs globally. It all started with an entrepreneur and his desire to give children a chance.

How to Celebrate National Lemonade Day

Find related events around you and support the young entrepreneurs, and if you have kids, invite them to participate in the entrepreneurship program.

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