National K9 Veterans Day

Dogs are wonderful and don’t often get the acknowledgment that they need. That particularly goes for working and veteran dogs, and they are dogs that make so many sacrifices. That is why dogs are such important members of each military unit. You want to honor these wonderful dogs on National K9 Veterans Day.

March 13th is the day to acknowledge these wonderful animals who serve the military and are working dogs because that is the day when it is National K9 Veterans Day. Dogs have been important parts of the military since WWII, and you may wonder what it takes to train these fantastic animals to be part of the military or become working dogs.

Firstly, dogs chosen to work in the military are large breeds such as Shepherds or Dobermans, and they are trained during puppyhood for four to seven months. These dogs have to learn basic skills such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘down’ before the hardcore training begins.

Hardcore training involves teaching dogs to sniff out bombs, and they have to be taught these things under harsh conditions. The thing to remember is that these dogs that are members of the military are strong and are tough. They are dogs that the average individual may even fear because of their size and their roles.

However, the thing to remember about military dogs is that even though they play a tough role in the military, they are still dogs. They are still wonderful companions that still need a belly rub from time to time. They can also suffer from trauma, just like anyone. That is why these dogs need proper acknowledgment.

The History Of National K9 Veterans Day

The establishment of National K9 Veterans Day started on March 13th, 1942, when the arm began training dogs. The program for training dogs was known as the War Dog Program or K9 Corps. That was the first time that dogs were US Armed Forces members. However, dogs were part of militaries for centuries which was long before WWII. They were just not acknowledged and appreciated until after that time.

And now, soldiers and others part of the military value military dogs as essential parts of their military units. Dogs have their own medals, awards, retirement services. And when the military dog passes away, they have memorials as well.

How To Acknowledge National K9 Veterans Day

There are so many ways to acknowledge this day. If you are thinking of adopting a pet, why not adopt a retired K9 dog? Or, even if your dog would not qualify to be a K9 dog, why not give your pooch a treat and think about those times when your dog put itself out for you. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the day, why not share it on social media by using #NationalK9VeteransDay in a post.

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