The third Wednesday of every May is National Juice Slush Day, and it sounds about right; summer is around the corner! The icy drink is a crowd-pleasing, thirst-quenching treat, so let’s show juice slushes some love on their special day. Here’s all you need to know about it!

National Juice Slush Day

The third Wednesday of every May is National Juice Slush Day, and that means we should all take five and enjoy the icy fruit-scented treat. Just chill! This authentic holiday is more than a marketing effort, but a celebration to tradition.

Fruit slushes have been around for decades, if not centuries, when people sourced fresh snow and used fruit juices to flavor it. More recently, juice slushes are dominated by large brands and are now a popular product, especially amongst kids looking to quench their thirsts during lunch break.

Juice slushes are noble, though; they’re ideally only partially frozen juice and should not have excess sweeteners, artificial flavorings or colorants. That’s a proper juice slush, and that’s why we love them!

The third Wednesday of May is a holiday to remind us of the simple pleasures in life and how tasty fruit juice is. Did you know there are vegetable juice slushes as well? Talking about healthy drinks!

Slushes have an exciting history as well; the modern version we enjoy today was created in the 1950s by mistake when a restaurateur stored some soda in the freezer. The result was a drink with a slushy consistency. The rest is history; the drink has been perfected to offer the tasty icy drink we know and love.

Let’s enjoy fruit slushes in moderation, though, they might be based on fruit and be of a natural product, but they’re still high in sugar. Slushes need between 12% and 22% sugar to prevent them from freezing solid, which would make them flavored ice and not properly slushes.

History of National Juice Slush Day

Although Juice Slushes are universal, the origin of the National Juice Slush is attributed to a single company, Cool Tropics. It proclaimed the icy holiday in 2018 to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary.

Cool Tropics and its famous juice slush brand Welch’s makes the most of this day with national-scale marketing campaigns. The company’s 100% juice slushes are flavored with natural juice from concentrate and don’t contain artificial colors, making them popular school snacks coveted during Spring and Summer’s warmest days.

This refreshing holiday is not alone, July 11 is National Free Slushie Day, and January 25 is National Green Juice Day. Still, there’s no drink like the juice slush, and although the drink is marketed as a kid’s drink, we can all enjoy a refreshing sip of icy juice. Sometimes the best things in life come in small packages. How not to love juice slushes?

How to Celebrate National Juice Slush Day

Instead of just buying a fruit slush, make one yourself with shaved ice and fresh fruit! There’s no better combination for a warm day, and slushes are easier to make than you think!

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