National Garlic Day

We hope you’re not planning on kissing anyone today because April 19 is National Garlic day! Seriously, garlic is delicious, and it’s the foundation of most foods we eat today. On top of that, eating garlic regularly is quite healthy, so why not show the pungent bulb some love? Here’s all you need to know about it.

Garlic is an underground bulb closely related to onions, shallots, leeks and chives. It is native to the Middle East and Central Asia, but today it is widely used in every corner of the earth.

Talking about world domination, did you know 80% of the world’s garlic is grown in China? Indeed, it’s not only the Chinese who enjoy garlicky food; it transcends borders and is part of American, African and European cuisines. Everyone secretly loves garlic.

April 19 is National Garlic day, and it’s a celebration of a bulb going back at least 7,000 years ago. It has played a critical role in gastronomy and traditional medicine, and today, garlic is more popular than ever. What’s not to love?

Yes, garlic is intensely aromatic. Chop a few cloves of garlic with a knife, and you won’t get rid of that garlicky smell for hours. Now, roast that garlic in olive oil and watch your kitchen be filled with the most attractive and heart-warming aromas ever — that’s the magic of garlic right there.

Garlic is more than a necessary ingredient in pasta, stir-fries and stews; it’s healthy too. This is why raising awareness about the bulb is so important. With increasing scientific research, we can use garlic to treat and prevent illnesses and disorders, and that’s pretty cool!

There’s nothing garlic can’t do, and you don’t have to think much to add it to your diet; it’s already present in most of the food you eat.

History of National Garlic Day

No one knows who established April 17 as garlic day, but there are some hints. There are plenty of garlic grower associations in America, including the Upper Midwest Garlic Growers Association and the Garlic Growers Association of Ontario, which are quite active in social networks.

Health-oriented associations might have played a part, too, since now we know consuming garlic can fight the common cold, reduce blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and even improve your bone health!

If you don’t eat garlic for its lovely flavor, then do it for your health. That’s the message behind National Garlic Day — Showing the stinky bulb some love!

National Garlic Day has a deeper meaning. It reminds us that we should be mindful of what we eat and that, more often than not, food is medicine! The easiest way to stay healthy is by eating a balanced, nutritious diet.

How to Celebrate National Garlic Day

Eating a big bowl of garlicky pasta is a fun way of celebrating garlic day, but if you can, visit your farmers’ market and support your local garlic growers.

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