National Gardening Day

It’s April 14, and that means it’s National Gardening Day! Gardens are more than a pretty sight; they’re the source of the finest fruits, veggies and flowers available. If you’ve got a green thumb, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, today’s your special day!

If you think gardening is out of fashion, think again. A recent study by the National Gardening Survey showed 49% of Americans did some gardening in the last 12 months, with homeowners leading the way. The stats are actually increasing, meaning gardening is more alive than ever.

Gardening is more than getting your hands dirty; it’s more than a Zen-like activity, too. It’s directly linked with the most modern approach to sustainability, organic eating, and many other health-oriented trends. Gardening is not only about growing beautiful gardenias but about feeding the community.

April 14 is National Gardening day, and it’s just when you start to feel Spring is coming that’s the perfect time to plan your garden schedule for the year. It’s time to get out there are get some planting going!

Plant flowers, fruits or veggies; everything goes as long as you get the job done. Although gardening hasn’t changed much in the last few centuries, it’s still very much at the forefront of innovation. Hydroponic gardening, modern vertical trellises and technologically advanced watering systems are bringing the farms to the cities, and just when we need that fresh produce the most.

Cultivation and gardening are vital for a better future, and we can all be part of it; whether you have a few hectares of farming land or just a balcony — we can all make the difference!

Let’s make this one of the most popular holidays on the calendar because gardening is cool again, and it’s immensely satisfying!

History of National Gardening Day

Cool Springs Press is responsible for the National Gardening Day foundation in 2018 as a leading publisher for garden-related topics and do-it-yourself home and garden books with gorgeous photography.

With 30 years of history and part of the leading Quarto publishing group, the National Gardening Day is the pinnacle of their efforts to bring together gardening enthusiasts around the country under the same banner.

The National Garden Bureau, a supreme effort with 100 years of history, gives a type of garden plant every year. 2020 was the year of lavender, corn, lantana, hydrangea and iris.

There’s no doubt more people than you think give this particular date a special significance. Gardening is more than a hobby, today it’s a lifestyle, and despite being a remembrance of our past, it’s also leading the way to a more sustainable future.

How to Celebrate National Gardening Day

On this special day, you can either start your own backyard garden or visit your local farmer’s market to pay homage to the people that work the soil to bring us the loveliest fruit, veggies and flowers!

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