June 17 is National Garbage Man Day, and it marks the beginning of Waste and Recycling Workers Week. Waste disposal is a massive effort because we sure do produce a lot of trash! Here’s what you need to know about his appreciation day.

National Garbage Man Day

June 17 is National Garbage Man Day, and that means that you want to say thanks to all the people that manage the dozens of garbage bags you throw away every week. We produce alarming levels of waste every day, and it all must go somewhere. Someone has to pick up all the trash, debris and litter, and then process it, hopefully, to recycle some of it, and that’s hard work!

Sanitation workers do more than getting rid of the trash; they help keep it away from the rivers and oceans and take care of it in the most sustainable way possible. Waste disposal might be garbage men’s job, but it’s also our responsibility. We must not only reduce our waste but recycle ourselves as much as we can.

Making a batch of compost, reusing bottles, avoiding disposable plastic containers and not littering is a great way to help the cause, and there’s much more you can do — you can get involved with local recycling programs and raise awareness about recycling on your social networks.

Garbage is not only ugly looking but also dangerous and can lead to disease. Entire communities are at risk of getting affected by harmful fauna, polluted air and water — waste management is a health issue and we must all play our part.

Let’s salute sanitation workers and women worldwide and all the people working behind the scenes taking care of waste disposal and recycling. At the very least, reduce your waste and reuse whatever you can instead of throwing it away!

History of National Garbage Man Day

John Arwood, President of Arwood Waste National, a leader in waste recycling since 1978, created Garbage Man Day in 2013 to acknowledge the impressive work of waste management people and encourage better waste management practices, including recycling.

Each American family produces 6,570 pounds of waste every year. And someone has to pick it up, classify it, treat it and handle it in the most sustainable way possible to avoid damaging the environment. That’s the work of the fondly called garbage man or waste management workers.

The date also marks the beginning of the Waste and Recycling Week, a community effort to educate people about separating waste for adequate recycling and best practices to reduce waste.

Let’s show some appreciation to garbage men; even a smile and a ‘thank you’ can brighten their day. Give your sanitation worker a big tip too!

How to Celebrate National Garbage Man Day

Why not start by reducing your waste? Recycle and reuse stuff instead of throwing it away; let’s help garbage men a little. Be part of recycling and waste disposal workshops and spread the word! We’re reaching the garbage disposal limit here, so let’s get our hands dirty and help reduce waste!

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