Let’s get fancy for a second. Today is May 24, and it’s National Escargot Day. Have you ever eaten snails? Well, today is the day. Here’s all you need to know about this buttery and somewhat slimy holiday!

National Escargot Day

May 24 is National Escargot Day, but it has gained international recognition to promote the French delicacy in Bistros and French restaurants around the globe.

Escargots are one of the oldest foods on the planet. People have eaten earth snails for thousands of years, and archeological evidence has shown that ancient civilizations even farmed the delicacy. Snails are easy to farm; they won’t run away from you.

Seriously, escargots are more than a delicacy; they’re a sustainable protein alternative that’s not only delicious but also nutritious. Connoisseurs compare them with lobster, especially when cooked with garlic and butter. That’s a treat we’re willing to try!

The celebration is more than a marketing stunt, though; it is linked to a centuries-old tradition in France, where snails are a big deal, called the Fair of Escargots.

Most modern French restaurants and bistros now join the craze and push the delicacy to customers that might have never tried snails before. We can all play a part, too. You might like escargots or not, that’s okay, but you must try them at least once! Otherwise, you don’t even know what you’re missing!

Let’s celebrate sustainable food while paying homage to the classic French cuisine, the most refined food on the planet. Escargots are part of the French repertoire, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them cooked any other way. Snails lend themselves to many flavor combinations. Why not eat some snails? It’s National Escargot Day, right?

History of National Escargot Day

The National Escargot Day is observed on May 24 and promotes the consumption of such a special appetizer. Escargots were quite popular in the mid-20th-century, but they have lost some of their fame in modern times.

National Escargot Day has its origins in France, where escargots are a traditional dish. Here, they celebrate ‘La Foire aux escargots’ or the escargot fair since 1844 on the second weekend of May, which eventually led to the formal establishment of the holiday globally on May 24.

One of the leading promoters of the holiday is Café Rouge, a French bistro chain in the UK, which buys over 12,000 snails every year to promote the delicacy on this special date.

Many other restaurants around the world have followed suit, and now May 24 is the day where escargot lovers go out to enjoy their unique appetizer. Have you tried escargots?

How to Celebrate National Escargot Day

Visit your local bistro or fancy French restaurant and try escargots; they’re a life-changing experience! Let’s support alternative food while keeping gastronomic traditions alive!

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