National Eggs Benedict Day

April 16 is Eggs Benedict Day, and we’re talking about the classic egg-based breakfast, a staple in the American repertoire. When was the last time you enjoyed some bennies? Learn more about it here!

Eggs Benedict has been around since the early 1900s, and there are many legends associated with their creation. There’s something magical behind this straightforward yet incredibly sophisticated egg dish — something that makes everyone who tries them fall in love immediately.

A toasted English muffin cut in half serves as a bed for a fatty layer of Canadian bacon topped with poached eggs. There’s more — the dish is elevated to heavenly heights when it’s bathed with Hollandaise sauce.

April 16 is National Eggs Benedict Day, a holiday that celebrates hearty late breakfasts and lunch. Whether it falls in the middle of the week or on Sunday, you know you want your bennies! With so many options, distinct cuisines and restaurants of all styles and price ranges, it’s easy to forget about the classics. Well, this is the day to remember eggs benedict and give them new life!

You might want to try an Eggs Benedict variation. Substitute the Canadian bacon with streaky bacon and throw in a few tomato slices for a plate of Eggs Blackstone. You can also substitute the Hollandaise for the creamy Béchamel for the loveliest Eggs Blanchard.

Talking about Hollandaise, it’s only fair we talk about it for a second. The Hollandaise sauce is one of the famous French Mother Sauces. It comes together by emulsifying egg yolks with melted butter, and it’s often livened either by lemon juice or a white wine reduction.

Now you know all there is about this famous dish and why we celebrate it every year!

History of National Eggs Benedict Day

No one really knows who instituted the National Eggs Benedict Day. Still, many restaurants have embraced it to feature the classic dish in their breakfast, brunch, and lunch menus.

There’s one more mystery to solve. Who invented the Eggs Benne? As stated in The New Yorker in 1942, it was a retired Wall Street broker, Lemuel Benedict, who ordered the odd ingredient combination of eggs, toast, ham, and hollandaise at the Waldorf Hotel’s restaurant attempting to cure a massive hangover.

The legend says the chef was so impressed with the combination that with just a few tweaks; the dish was ready to be featured on the menu.

Of course, there are other versions of the story. Despite the unknown origins of the egg dish and its national day, we won’t ask many questions. We’ll just enjoy this tasty holiday, and you should too!

How to Celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day

Although having Eggs Benedict for breakfast is an obvious way to celebrate such a special day, take someone who has never experienced the dish to try it! Share your love for eggs benne.

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