Drawing is a skill that can be developed, so start doodling! May 15 is National Drawing Day, and this is not a holiday for the kids, drawing is encouraged for people of all ages. Head on to your local museum and look at some serious drawings!

National Drawing Day

May 15 is National Drawing Day, and that means museums and art galleries will host a wide variety of art-related activities, from talks to workshops for the art-loving community.

This is not a day to contemplate art, though, but to create it. Drawing is a skill, meaning it can be learned. We can all become artists, or at the very least, we can all learn to express our feelings and ideas through paint, pencils and crayons.

National Drawing Day reminds us that drawing is not just for kids but for everyone, and the organizations behind the holiday encourage people of all ages to take part. If you’re part of an art or cultural institution, you can be part of National Drawing day, too. All the activities are free and open for everyone; you don’t even need to know how to draw!

Talking about drawing, there’s a good chance you’ll find a workshop around you on National Drawing Day. There will be plenty of online resources, both live and recorded, too. All to help you level up your drawing game.

Drawing is the first art form and goes back to the time when we lived in caves. The apparently simple act of depicting what we see, think or feel has made us evolve into what we are today, a civilization that, despite the troubles, always has time for art.

Enjoy Drawing Day and paint something. We might not be professional artists, but we all have something to say.

History of National Drawing Day

Drawing Day is celebrated every May on a weekend. In this case, May 15, and it was imagined by the National Gallery of Ireland to contribute to a more significant cause, the International Museum day organized by The International Council of Museums (ICOM) around the same date.

The ICOM established its memorable day in 1977, but the founding of National Drawing Day is more recent. This is a joint effort by the National Gallery of Ireland and over 40 art galleries and museums around the country. The celebration of creativity is now recognized in other countries as well, and it will soon become a global phenomenon.

Enjoy an extensive range of workshops, activities, talks and tutorials by artists of all levels by the different art organizations, so find activities near you at the National Gallery’s website. Today’s the day to learn new skills and draw something pretty!

How to Celebrate National Drawing Day

Grab a piece of paper and start drawing; you don’t have to be good; that comes with time. Head on to your local gallery or museum to enjoy the many events prepared for artists like you on this special day!

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