Jun 8 is National Call Your Doctor Day, and we’re not talking about calling to say hi; we’re talking about making an appointment! When was the last time you had a medical checkup? Learn more about this day here.

National Call Your Doctor Day

Jun 8 is National Call Your Doctor Day, and it’s an invitation, particularly for women, to call their doctors and schedule appointments to check for ovarian and breast cancer symptoms.

Hundreds of thousands of women die every year of women-related cancers, and most of the cases could have been prevented if treated in the early stages. This is shocking, and what’s even more surprising is that if all women called their doctor, at least once or twice a year to schedule breast and pelvic exams, cancer’s toll would be significantly lower.

Calling your doctor tales literally no time, and most tests take less than an hour; it sounds like well spent time considering you could be saving your life!

National Call Your Doctor Day is not a celebration but an awareness day and a call to action; we want women (and men, too) to check themselves medically more often. Preventing disease is cheaper and safer than treating it. And then there’s the ultimate price to pay if you don’t even bother.

This Jun 8, encourage everyone to schedule a medical appointment for a yearly checkup. And don’t forget to call the doctor yourself! Let’s catch diseases and disorders before they’re hard to treat.

For women, ask about clinical breast exams, pelvic exams and mammograms, especially if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. And as recommended by Bright Pink, schedule an appointment for the first days of the month to avoid crowds, and check out women’s health programs around your town as well!

History of National Call Your Doctor Day

Bright Pink is a health organization dedicated to empower women to have good communication with their doctors. Especially about breast and ovarian health. Why? Because checking yourself constantly might be the difference between detecting cancer and other diseases in time or too late!

The National Call Your Doctor Day proposal came from young Lindsay Avner, diagnosed with breast cancer at 23. She underwent a double mastectomy at such a young age. Her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all had breast cancer, but Lindsay never thought she had to worry about it at that age.

After surviving cancer, in 2007, Lindsay created Bright Pink and founded National Call Your Doctor Day to encourage women of all ages to check themselves up with an OB-GYN doctor. Ovarian and breast cancer can be treated with great success if detected promptly. Talk to your doctor and see what needs to be done.

How to Commemorate National Call Your Doctor Day

Please call your doctor and schedule a medical checkup. Save yourself some trouble and detect health risks while they’re still not a big deal! Schedule a clinical breast exam, a pelvic exam and a mammogram often.

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