National Burrito Day

Let’s put on some festive music and grab a cold one because today is National Burrito Day, which means partying with a festive Mexican spirit! Hearty, flavorful, and intensely satisfying, burritos are the perfect grab-and-go meals but do you know where they come from and their history?

April 1 is National Burrito Day, and that’s a big deal. Along with tacos, burritos are the very essence of our southern neighbor’s cuisine and the colorful and vibrant Tex-Mex cuisine in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Burritos are always tightly packed wheat flour tortilla wraps, but the filling can range from beans and cheese to grilled steak and chicken; that’s the beauty of it!

Designed as a complete, practical meal for workers and students, burritos have become much more than that; they’re a unique culinary experience. The filling is always hearty, and a typical splash of spicy salsa adds vibrancy to every bite.

Burritos are a fantastic breakfast, a satisfying lunch, and even a robust dinner. They’re fun late-night crave-quenchers, too. There’s nothing burritos can’t do.

Of course, not all burritos are created equal. You’ll find affordable, skinny, microwave-ready burritos at any convenience store, but some restaurants specialize in this southern beauty, and burritos can be high-end. Have you ever tried a lobster burrito? Or how about a prime steak burrito? That’s what we call a fancy meal!

The main ingredients that make a burrito are obviously not as flashy, but they’re equally important. Rice, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, crumbly cheese, and sour cream form the base of any burrito, all held together by a unique oversized wheat flour tortilla — the very same symbol that brings together two countries together. You can see this convergence at the table where people from north and south of the border share the mighty burrito.

History of National Burrito Day

Although no American congressional records verify the National Burrito Day proclamation, you can find its origins in Mexico. Down south, the National (Mexican) Burrito Day is celebrated every year on the first Thursday of April. This has created some confusion in the States as some sources say the burrito is celebrated on April 4, while others claim it’s on April 1,2, and up to April 7.

The National day’s origin is the result of celebrating Taco day on March 31. Burrito lovers had to have their own celebration, so Burrito Day was soon created. It soon became popular in restaurants both north and south of the border, and the rest is history.

It comes without saying; the popular preparation arrived in California in the 1930s. Still, it’s been a staple in Northern Mexico for centuries, where wheat flour tortillas dominate over the ubiquitous corn tortilla and where rice beans and grilled meat are everyday staples.

How to Celebrate National Burrito Day

The best way of celebrating National Burrito Day is by visiting your local Mexican restaurant where music, drinks, and burritos are the center of attention. You’re likely to find deals and special prices on burritos that day, so visit with close friends and family. Burritos are all about spending time around the table with your loved ones.

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