June 27 is National Bingo Day, so we hope you’re feeling lucky! Bingo is more than a fun game of chance; it’s also a vital part of our community! Learn more about this date here.

National Bingo Day

Bingo is a popular global pastime, although its current form was invented in the United States. People can play bingo for long hours while spending time with friends and family in an authentic community activity — something scarce these days.

Did you know before people yelled bingo, they screamed ‘beano’ when they won? Obviously, because beans play a big role in the game! The best part of bingo is that everyone can enjoy it, and it has been a popular pastime of the rich and the poor since the Middle Ages — that’s how big bingo really is.

The popular lottery has more fans than soccer worldwide, and we’re talking about the big leagues with millions of people getting together to play bingo for long hours in every corner of the Earth.

And although the game became a senior citizen’s pastime for a while, today, young people enjoy the exciting game more than ever. Besides, 70% of bingo players are women, so bingo halls are great places to meet people. And if you think the game is slow, know the average game lasts between 3 and 6 minutes, so playing is quite a rush!

June 27 is National Bingo Day, so if you have never played the exhilarating lottery, now’s your time. Special events and activities are organized on bingo’s special day on every bingo spot, and you can always rely on the famous beginner’s luck. National Bingo Day is just a fun way to remind us that there’s more to entertainment than phones and tablets.

History of National Bingo Day

June 27 is National Bingo Day in America, the UK and many other countries. However, not even Bingo organizations know who created the holiday or why. We can still appreciate the anonymous hero for giving this unique pastime the recognition it deserves.

What we know is the history of bingo, and it will surprise you. The earliest records of a game not dissimilar to bingo go back to the 1500s in Italy, where people enjoyed a primitive version of the still prevalent ‘Lo Guioco del Lotto D’Italia’ Or Italy’s lottery game.

Lottery games became popular around Europe and eventually arrived in America in the 1920s, where it was a feature in fairs and carnivals. The name bingo was coined in New York by an entrepreneur called Edwin Lowe. Legend says one of Lowe’s friends yelled ‘Bingo’ by mistake during one of the most exciting matches, and the name caught on.

How to Celebrate National Bingo Day

Go on and play bingo; and take your mom with you. Bingo is a way of being part of the community and a healthy way of spending some time. You might even win something!

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