National Beer Day

Who’s up for a cold one? April 7 is National Beer Day, and there are lots to celebrate. Beer is more than a boozy drink; its culture, history and the heart-felt passion of talented brewers around the world. Learn more about your new favorite holiday today!

Beer is one of the most ancient alcoholic drinks globally; it goes back to the first civilizations when someone forgot some flour steeping in water for a few days. That’s it, barley, water and yeast — that’s beer right there.

So, how did such a refreshing drink become widespread? Drinking beer was more widespread and safer than drinking water in the Middle Ages, in Europe, and the brewing tradition traveled with the first pioneers and immigrants to the new world. Beer found a home in America, but things weren’t always easy.

The noble experiment of prohibition nearly ended with America’s brewing industry. From 1920 until 1933, brewing beer but also selling it and consuming it was illegal. It wasn’t until the 21st Amendment was ratified, that beer began to flow again. Precisely what today we celebrate every April 7 on National Beer Day. We’re celebrating more than a refreshing drink, but freedom to produce, sell and consume whatever we please.

There are over 8,275 craft breweries in the United States, including 2,058 microbreweries and 3,011 brewpubs. Almost 1000 new beer-related businesses open every year, and although not all of them make it, this is a reason to celebrate alone.

As you’ll read below, this fun holiday is relatively young; at least officially, there has always been a good reason to pay homage to the malty and hoppy drink we all love. Let’s toast to all the people behind our favorite brews!

History of National Beer Day

President Roosevelt himself promulgated April 7 as National Beer Day with the famous quote, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

The year was 1933, and officially, the Cullen–Harrison Act was the Eighteenth Amendment of the Constitution that effectively ended with thirteen years of prohibition.

Of course, it took a few more years for the country to become a beer-making powerhouse. It wasn’t until 2009 the date to be unofficially celebrated as the National Beer Day thanks to a social media campaign that gained traction fast. Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe made the holiday official in 2017 and was ratified in congress the same year.

Today National Beer Day is a reminder of the troublesome times the beer industry had to overcome and a celebration of what it has become. Beer is by far the country’s most popular drink, and it’s better than ever.

How to Celebrate National Beer Day

Call on some friends, enjoy a cold glass of beer, and make sure a small producer locally makes it. Support the craft brewing industry and remember to be part of this vital celebration with moderation.

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