on March 5th we celebrate National Absinthe Day

Sometimes you have a craving to indulge in a potent alcoholic drink after a busy and stressful day to chill. As long as you keep that in moderation, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a stiff drink now and then. That is, especially, if it is a drink such as an absinthe! And there is a day to have that drink because it is national absinthe day!

March 5th urges you to enjoy an absinthe, as that is the drink known to be potent as it is a distilled drink that is quite alcoholic. The flavor of the spirit is anise, and it comes from plans which include the leaves and flowers of the species known as Artemisia absinthium. The composition of the drink and include sweet fennel, green anise, and other herbs.

Sometimes absinthe is green or has no color, but the green version of the drink is known as ‘the green fairy.’ It is not a liqueur, but there is no added sugar, so it is a spirit instead of a liqueur. The spirit’s alcohol content is high, which is why before consumption, you must dilute the drink. Even with the drink diluted, it is still quite potent.

Absinthe is not available in every bar, but you can enjoy the drink if you go to a high-end cocktail bar. This particular drink is considered to be one of the elite ones enjoyed by the upper class. You can also buy the glass and enjoy it with some friends on this day that celebrates its existence. If you cannot find absinthe too easily, which should never be the case, you can go online and look for some DIY recipes to make the drink!

History Of National Absinthe Day

In the 1790s, this green elixir became the creation by a Swiss doctor, Pierre Ordinaire, and for nearly a century after that, absinthe was known as a drink for the upper class because it was so costly. The lower class could not afford it until the 1880’s when the price of the drink dropped. The price drop made absinthe accessible to just about anyone. By 1910, the French were consuming a lot of the drink, and by 1912, absinthe was banned in the US and most of Europe. It was blamed for a rise in crimes as it was believed to be highly addictive and had effects as hallucinogen drugs.

However, in the 1990s, there was a revival of absinthe and it became popular again in most of Europe. It is unclear what established this day, but the fact that this amazing drink is worth celebrating is a good enough reason for it!

How To Celebrate National Absinthe Day

Why not go to a cocktail bar and have yourself an absinthe drink, or invite a few friends over to enjoy themselves over that drink. You can also learn how to make your own absinthe if you look for recipes online. If you find some good DIY absinthe recipes, share them by using #NationalAbsintheDay to post on social media.

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