Memorial Day

The last Monday of May is Memorial Day, which means getting together with the family for a long weekend of fun and games. Most importantly, this is a day to remember the people who have given their lives for the country.

Memorial Day is the most important holiday in the American calendar and an official three-day weekend celebrated in every state. Once celebrated on May 30, today, the last Monday of May is observed to guarantee enough time for families to come together and commemorate soldiers who lost their lives while defending the country’s interests.

The tradition of decorating cemeteries and the graves of fallen soldiers lives on and goes back to the American Civil War, but the holiday is now larger than that. Parades, get-togethers with the family, sports events, concerts, and fairs are now expected during the three-day weekend dedicated to the US Armed Forces and the diseased in battle.

Some people claim President Abraham Lincoln himself founded Memorial Day, but the country’s tradition of remembering the dead goes way back. The holiday has indeed evolved dramatically in the last few centuries, but it remains a significant holiday in every American’s heart.

Cruise the country and discover a great diversity of traditions surrounding the military holiday. The Southern states are known for decorating cemeteries, which led to the holiday being known as Decoration Day for some time.

Parades are much more common, and the involvement of war veterans is widespread. This is the day when young and old, men and women, soldiers and civilians come together for an authentic celebration of life and remembrance.

Enjoy the three-day weekend but remember the men and women who gave their lives for your freedom and the protection of your rights!

History of Memorial Day

After the American Civil War that led to 600,000 military deaths, the practice of decorating the graves at cemeteries became widespread in a sign of memorialization that soon became part of the country’s culture.

After diverse states began to celebrate Memorial Day during the year and various organizations promoting their local customs, the official Memorial Day was attested in 1882. Still, it wasn’t declared officially by law until 1967.

The Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act to a specific Monday every year to extend several celebrations into three-day weekends, including Memorial Day, to honor those fallen while performing their military duties.

What started as countless individual efforts to remember those who are no longer with us going back to the first wars engaged by the country, is now one of the most significant official National Holidays in the calendar. Despite being a day to remember those that are gone, it is also an opportunity to celebrate with the ones still with us.

How to Celebrate Memorial Day

Get together with your friends and family and celebrate that you’re all alive and together to commemorate those who aren’t. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to appreciate your family!

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