March Holidays

Winter is finally coming to an end, and spring is on the horizon; as the snow beings to melt, you can see patches of snow-covered grass. That would describe the month of March. March is the third month of the year, but at one time, it was the first month. That meant at one time; March marked the time of the new year – especially in Britain and most areas of Europe.

The name March is derived from the Roman god of war, Mars. There is no coincidence that the end of March marks the start of the first zodiac sign, Aries. The ruler of Aries is planet Mars. However, when March was the start of the New Year, it was also a time when the military season began in Ancient Rome. March comes from the Old French word, marchier, which means to tread or move forward. Let’s now talk more about March.

Fun Facts About March

March is known for March Madness which is an NBA basketball tournament. That also results in the month is highly unproductive. That is because people spend their time betting on NBA games instead of working. That is not the fault of employees, as many employers are the ones who focus their energy on betting.

Another side effect from March Madness is that since productivity levels are low, it is the perfect time for people to relax and recover. That is why March is known as the month when the most vasectomies happen. Based on Live Science, it is said that 50 percent of vasectomies occur during the first week of March Madness as it is the best time to recover instead of going to work. 

Schools in many areas of the world take a week or two off during March for March Break. That is when families can relax and travel to see family that lives in different cities it countries. Or, sometimes they want to relax on vacation.

March often comes in like a lion and is out like a lamb. That is because at the beginning of March is when the wintery weather can be at its worst. However, late March is when spring arrives, and that is when the weather is milder.

Famous March Birthdays 

  •  Did you ever know where the name Antarctica came from? That was named by the late Scottish cartographer, John George Bartholomew, who was born on March 22, 1860. He was known as well as the ‘Cartographer to the King’ or ‘The Prince of Cartography’ since he was a royal warrant holder.
  • On the same day, in 1931, William Shatner, the Canadian actor, was also known as Captain James Kirk of Star Trek and is one of the most loved actors by science-fiction fans.
  • Finally, on March 14, 1879, the developer of relativity theory was born, who was known as Albert Einstein. He was known as the genius who struggled in math early on in his childhood. He won several prizes, such as the Nobel Prize in Physics and the Max Plank Medal.

March calendar

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This month we celebrate

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