June 28 is Logistics Day, and that means that everyone involved in transportation and warehousing deserves a hug! They literally handle everything we buy and sell every day. Learn more about this date here.

Logistics Day

Logistics Day is celebrated every June 28, and it’s an homage to the men and women working in the massive transportation industry. These people work in the back, ensuring everything and everyone gets from point A to point B. There wouldn’t be a civilization without logistics, so this is a big deal!

Logistics is “managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their ultimate destination.” That means all products go through some kind of logistics, and it also means that there’s someone responsible for stuff arriving where they need to go.

Being one of the most extensive industries globally, involving every viable transport system and relying on the most advanced technology, there’s no denying logistics have shaped the world as we know it, and that’s hard work!

People in logistics can’t take a break; there’s too much on the line, so celebrate them on their special day; that’s the least we can do! If you know someone working in logistics, from a truck driver to an airport manager, then congratulations are in order.

We often forget that special dates in the calendar are more than just having fun. Taco day is fun, but some things are equally essential, like logistics. Here’s a toast for everyone delivering packages to your doorstep, to the people that make sure your neighborhood supermarket is well supplied, and to those who deliver your Christmas presents across the country. It turns out logistics are pretty cool, don’t you agree?

History of Logistics Day

Logistics Plus, a global, integral logistics firm and leader in transportation, warehousing and supply chain solutions, created Logistics Day in 2019 to celebrate logistics every June 28.

The 233-billion-dollar industry certainly deserves a day to reflect on its success, growth and future challenges. The logistics industry gives jobs to 5.5 million people: that’s lots of people celebrating today.

The holiday was registered with National Day Calendar, and it was officially recognized in Pennsylvania, Ohio and South Carolina. It won’t be long before Logistics Day is recognized nationwide, and why not? Perhaps it will become an International Holiday someday!

Partnering with the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) took the holiday one step closer to a Presidential proclamation. That means Logistics Day is on its way to become a major holiday, especially for all the people who work on transportation warehousing and logistics in general.

How to Celebrate Logistics Day

If you know anyone in the logistics industry, whether it’s at an airport, train station, port or warehouse, then hug them. Their work makes our lives easier!

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