Ken Day

Did you enjoy playing with Barbie dolls when you were young, or if you are a guy, did your partner enjoy them? Barbie could not be fulfilled until she had her other half with her, which was the doll, Ken Carson. And Ken does not get enough attention, so you want to give it to him on Ken Day!

March 13th celebrates Ken Carson, Barbie’s other half, which is why it is Ken Day. Ken has always been Barbie’s dream, and he supported her during her different careers, whether she was an astronaut, businesswoman, housewife, politician, nurse, and so on! No one realizes how much Ken has really been there for Barbie, but he has, and this is the day you want to remember that.

Even girls that play with Barbie tend to forget about Ken’s existence because they don’t consider getting Barbie the partner she needs to support her during her endeavors. Therefore, Barbie has to do everything alone until Ken enters the picture. Therefore, if you have a daughter, or you have a niece, a granddaughter, a cousin, or a friend or co-worker’s daughter, if you plan on getting a Barbie doll for her birthday or Christmas (or any holidays they celebrate), don’t forget to get a Ken doll for her too. Therefore, you want to get the Barbie and Ken pair so that Barbie is not alone and has Ken keep her company.

They can enjoy their dream house together and drive the car together, and Ken just adds a lot of fun to the Barbie World for so many reasons!

History Of Ken Day

The establishment of Ken Day is not known. However, Ken became a part of Barbie’s World in 1961 as Ken Carson’s arrival came to the Mattel toy fair. There were criticisms about how Ken was so manly since he cared more about his clothes than his relationship with Barbie. The story goes too that Ken and Barbie separated briefly in the later 1960s, but they stayed a couple until 2004.

After that, Barbie ended up hooking up with an Australian surfing dude named Blaine Gordon. Even then, Ken did not give up on Barbie and won her back. That is because everyone cheered Ken Carson on, and they are happy to see Barbie and Ken together, as they are meant to be together.

How To Celebrate Ken Day

You can celebrate Ken Day by going on a date with your significant other, pretending that you are a Barbie and Ken couple. However, if you don’t feel you want to do that, show appreciation for your significant other. However you celebrate the day, use #KenDay in your social media posts.

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