May 13 is International Hummus day, and if you’re not familiar with the Middle Eastern chickpea-licious spread and dip, you’re missing out big time. Here’s what you need to know about this tasty and healthy day and how to be part of it!

International Hummus Day

May 13 is International Hummus Day, and it’s a big deal all around the world, with restaurants serving the chickpea spread to their hummus-loving customers, there will be plenty of hummus to go around.

Hummus is a Middle Eastern spread, dip and snack made with pureed chickpeas, flavored with garlic, livened by a splash of lemon juice and with the added complexity of olive oil and tahini sauce — a sesame seed paste.

The straightforward preparation has gained popularity in the West for being a substantial source of proteins made with vegetarian and vegan ingredients. Hummus is not only tasty but healthy and nutritious. We should all add it to our diet.

It comes without saying there are many variations of hummus, and people keep coming up with new, exciting versions every day. The hummus-loving community is passionate, and that makes the dish’s appreciation day even more memorable. Hummus might have started as a very local Mediterranean food, but it’s now an international specialty.

Making hummus from scratch is no easy feat, though; there’s an art in cooking the chickpeas and achieving the right texture. And although making your own hummus sounds like fun, luckily, there’s hummus available in almost every supermarket. You don’t even need to visit a Middle Eastern specialty store to find it.

A recent survey showed over 17% of Americans regularly have hummus in their households and served with a few warm flatbread loaves; people have a convenient, delicious and all-natural spread to eat at all hours.

That’s the magic of hummus; it’s easy to love! Celebrate International Hummus Day and share the chickpea-licious spread with your loved ones!

History of International Hummus Day

Hummus day was created in 2012, and it’s an authentic International festivity celebrated in many countries around the world. Expect Special hummus menus, humus deals, hummus-themed dinner parties and many other celebrations.

There’s a big chance Hummus Day, celebrated on May 13, became famous because that’s the date when Ramadan ends, at least most years. The month-long Islamic period of prayer and fasting ends with a veritable feast, and that has made Middle Eastern restaurants around the world do something special for the big party. This is a day to go out for hummus; it’s been that way for centuries.

Since today hummus is enjoyed by people worldwide and not only in the Middle East, and that some people don’t celebrate the Islamic festivities, this particular feast has evolved into Hummus Day with no religious beliefs attached. A celebration of the most popular Middle Eastern snack that everyone can enjoy.

How to Celebrate International Hummus Day

As stated in the official International Hummus Day Facebook profile, the best way of celebrating hummus day is to eat hummus for breakfast, eat hummus for lunch (and) or eat hummus for dinner!

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