International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

Proclaimed by the United Nations, April 26 is International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day. Precisely on this day in 1986, the No.4 Reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant suffered irreparable damage, changing humanity’s history forever. Learn more here.

An alarm was triggered at 01:19 in Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Reactor No. 4; something wasn’t right. The day was April 26, 1986; in a matter of hours, there was a full-scale nuclear meltdown. To this day, there are dangerous radiation levels throughout the abandoned city. Over 500,000 people were affected, and we can still feel the effects of such high radiation levels.

This is the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, and we commemorate it every year on April 26. This date serves as a reminder that accidents can happen and that they must be prevented in the best way possible. It also invites people to take part in the still continuous efforts to recover the surrounding area affecting three countries: Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Nuclear energy might be an efficient way of powering our cities, and today there are more power plants than ever before, even after Chernobyl. Still, the risk is real, and no country is exempt from being affected by a faulty reactor or an unforeseen error in the energy-producing process.

It comes without saying flora and fauna in the Chernobyl affected region suffered greatly, and the water sources are still polluted. A nuclear incident is more than deadly for humans, it’s an environmental issue, and that’s just another reason to create awareness around the topic.

The Chernobyl disaster was not the last nuclear leak in modern history, and others may come. The best way of being prepared is educating ourselves and being ready to help when disaster strikes.

History of International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

Chernobyl’s Nuclear Plant had a fatal accident on April 26, 1986. Despite the worldwide effect, the Soviet Union did not accept foreign help until 1990, when the UN first played a part in understanding and mitigating the nuclear disaster’s impact. It wasn’t until 2016, after decades of strategizing and setting in place aid programs, that the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution designating April 26 as International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day.

The invitation to observe the day, meaning looking back at the fatal date and its consequences with aims on making global conscience around nuclear risks, is open for governments, institutions and citizens of the world. Everyone can take part in the humanitarian assistance programs and the development efforts for the affected area. Chernobyl’s disaster affected Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, but you can still feel the effects on a global scale.

How to Commemorate International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

The best way to commemorate the tragic day is by learning more about the disaster’s history and understanding the risks of nuclear power plants worldwide. Contact your local UN agency to find out direct ways to help develop the affected region.

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