International Carrot Day

April 4 is National Carrot Day, and it’s here to remind us that, yes, we must eat our veggies, but also that they can be delicious! Learn more about this nutritious holiday and get excited; at the end of the day, orange is the new black, right?

The International Carrot Day is here, which means commemorating one of the most nutritious and tasty root veggies around — carrots. On April 4, carrot parties and festivals are the order of the day, and be prepared for both sweet and savory carrot-based food to go around.

Most carrots are orange, but that’s because we’ve made that choice. Actually, carrots come in all colors, from purple to white to yellow. There are dozens of unique carrot cultivars in the world.

Carrots came from Southwestern Asia and were already popular back in the Persian Empire. The root veggie became madly popular around Europe as well, and from there, it migrated to the rest of the world. It’s easy to see why: you can eat both carrot roots and leaves, and since they have high amounts of carbs, they become sweet when cooked, so they’re widely used for sweet treats like muffins and cakes!

Today, China is the leading carrot-producing country on the planet, growing almost half of the world’s carrots. The US produces nearly ten times fewer carrots than China, with California leading the way with 63% of the country’s carrots.

No matter where carrots come from, they have fans worldwide, and you can recognize them easily. The myth is true; your skin can turn slightly yellowish-orangey if you eat too many of these veggies, it’s harmless and temporary, by the way.

Celebrate Carrot Day your own way; it’s amongst the most nutritious foods in the world, so why not show carrots some love?

History of International Carrot Day

The International Carrot Day was created in 2003, together with the launch of the website. The objective? ‘Spread knowledge about the carrot and its good attributes around the world.’

Today, the holiday is celebrated worldwide with carrot parties going on from Japan to the UK.

People organizing and being part of this celebration are called carrot ambassadors, and you can be one, too. Visiting the virtual carrot museum at is a great way to start your journey, but at the end of the day, it’s all about sharing your passion for carrots with the ones close to you.

Don’t be surprised if restaurants in your town have a carrot special, and you should not be surprised to see people dressed like carrots walking around. Carrots are massively under-appreciated all year round, but not on April 4; this is the day where carrots steal the spotlight.

How to Celebrate International Carrot Day

Enjoy this orange day by attending or organizing your own Carrot Party. Dress yourself in orange or, even better, wear a carrot costume. Carrot juice is a must, and the veggie must play a part in both savory and sweet treats. Did someone say carrot cake?

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