International Box Day on June 19 might sound as fun as a school trip to a box factory, but boxes are part of our lives, and we can’t live without them, so let’s give this holiday a closer look.

International Box Day

June 19 is International Box Day, and it matters because they’re one of the least appreciated inventions on earth. Our society just wouldn’t work without them! Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and sure, when you hear about boxes, you think of the ones made with corrugated fiberboard, but don’t forget boxes are also where you keep your jewelry!

Boxes are more than cardboard; boxes include safes and chests and everything in between. Packages allow us to move things around, but boxes also keep our valuable stuff protected. What would we do without them!

We love boxes, and you know who else loves boxes? Your cat! Boxes give cats safety and security, and they’re also the means to sharpen those claws. If you don’t own a cat, then you’ll have to browse for videos of kitties in boxes — a great way to spend the evening!

Chocolate also comes in boxes, and so do many other sweet treats. Your macaroni and cheese come in a box, and so do your Cheerios. Boxes are all around us. The best part? Boxes are inexpensive and recyclable, meaning they have less impact on the environment compared to plastic bags.

If you’re trying to reduce waste, remember there are plastic boxes, too. And they’re ideal for keeping your stuff meticulously organized and safe from dust and humidity. Boxes are super versatile, and they could simply be the most important invention in history. Still, we don’t give boxes the love they deserve. Well, that’s why International Box Day exists!

History of International Box Day

The origin of International Box Day celebrated every June 19 is unknown. And although some type of box existed since the birth of humankind, modern pre-cut boxes were invented in 1890 in Brooklyn.

Cardboard boxes have become the only way we have to ship stuff; they’re uncontested and only followed by envelopes and bags. Still, when it comes to moving into a new home, there’s no substitution for boxes.

Online shopping is also a significant use for cardboard boxes, with Amazon alone shipping 1,600,000 of them every day!

We might not know who created box day, but we know many people love them, not only because they’re essential but also because they are fun! Have you ever tried to make a knight armor with boxes? Try it, and you’ll hoard cardboard boxes soon enough. Your cat will appreciate your box collection, too!

How to Celebrate International Box Day

Reuse your boxes to reduce waste and get them for free from the supermarket instead of buying them. Now, build yourself a cardboard fortress!

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