Jun 13 is the International Axe Throwing Day, but before you go all crazy, learn more about this authentic sport. This is all you need to know why throwing axes matters.

International Axe Throwing Day

Jun 13 is the International Axe Throwing Day. Did you know that was a thing? Well, it is — it’s a professional sport with tournaments all around the world; there are countless local leagues and hundreds of pro ax throwers in every corner of the earth.

Throwing axes to a target is no easy feat, and it can be dangerous, too. It’s just like playing darts but taken to the extremes.

There are two major throwing ax leagues, the IATF (International Axe Throwing Federation, formerly National Axe Throwing Federation) and WATL (World Axe Throwing League). The WATL created this memorable holiday, and it often coincides with a significant summer tournament.

Throwing axes has been practiced for hundreds of years, and it’s a popular activity amongst woodsmen. One of the called timber sports, this apparently dangerous activity is about skill and a good aim, and accidents rarely happen as long as evident safety measures are considered.

The thing is, Jun 13 is the International Axe Throwing Day, and it’s an invitation to support the up-and-coming sport and perhaps giving it a go. Who knows? Maybe you’ve just found your perfect sport!

The community of ax throwers and supporters is growing by the hour, with personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger giving major support to this and other similar lesser-known professional sports.

There are many ways to participate in ax-throwing celebrations. For starters, see if there’s a league in your town. Chances are they have something sharp planned for Jun 13!

History of International Axe Throwing Day

The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) established Jun 13 as the International Axe Throwing Day to raise awareness around the unique sport and unify ax throwers in a strong community.

Anyone with a passion for dangerous sports of precision can be part of the celebrations, and if you’re a pro, you can join an Axe Throwing League and compete every summer in one of the international opens and tournaments.

The WATL was created in 2017 and now has 175 member companies organizing events in America and Europe. And although throwing axes is fun, it’s still a competitive sport with trained judges and a strict point rule — get six points for hitting the bullseye and one point if you hit the target’s outer ring. How hard can it be, right?

Don’t go throwing axes in your backyard just yet, instead, join the ax-throwing community on their special day!

How to Celebrate International Axe Throwing Day

See if there’s an ax-throwing tournament around you and see what’s all about, and if you want to throw some axes, join a league! It’s never too late to practice a competitive sport.

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