Did you know every June 29 is Hug Holiday? Not to be confused with National Hug Day, this is the day to give hugs to those who need them! Learn more here.

Hug Holiday

June 29 is Hug Holiday, and the particular date’s name is appealing on its own. Hug Holiday is catchy, so help spread the word! Here’s the deal, hugs have proven to be the most effective way of making someone feel better, and we’re not only talking about feelings — there’s sound evidence suggesting hugging someone is good for their health and yours!

Many things happen in your body when you receive a hug, especially if it lasts at least 20 seconds. Oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are released, your blood pressure drops, and your stress levels diminish — you also feel appreciated, which is important too!

Hug Holiday reminds us we should show those close to us we care. A hug means ‘I love you’ but it also means ‘I’m there for you,’ so hug your friends and family. It only takes a few seconds and it can brighten someone’s day.

The most important thing about unofficial holidays like this is to share the news. Holidays gain traction thanks to all of us sharing them on social networks, so share the love! Let’s make Hug Holiday an even more significant event; let’s make it our personal goal to turn Hug Holiday into a big deal as massive as Valentine’s Day; why not? Love is not only about being romantic but also about caring for those close to you.

Feeling adventurous? Go hug someone you don’t know. You never know when you can change someone’s life! Hugs are powerful, so use them.

History of Hug Holiday

June 29 is Hug Holiday, and no one knows who created it. We understand why, though, because hugs bring us together, literally.

Did you know a 20-second hug releases oxytocin in your body? The ‘love hormone’ that makes us feel all warm inside. Hugs also reduce stress and anxiety, raising your cortisol levels, and we just feel happier thanks to the release of dopamine and serotonin.

Who knew hugs were so healthy? Hugs are so much fun that we have at least three holidays dedicated to them throughout the year, and we’re not even considering Valentine’s Day, where hugs are also in order.

Strengthen bonds with your partner, friends and family, and hug people, don’t be shy! Hugs are a lovely way of sharing your appreciation for someone and don’t necessarily have a more significant meaning; hugs are just hugs! When was the last time you hugged someone?

How to Celebrate Hug Holiday

Hug someone! Especially those who seem to be all right. We all need a hug because there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that there’s someone there for us.

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