May 28 is National Hamburger Day, and that means it’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy a fatty cheeseburger or stack a few patties for a massive burger of celebratory heights. Learn more about this day here!

Hamburger Day

May 28 is National Burger Day or Hamburger Day, depending on how you like to call the meaty sandwich.

The famous fast-food meal and All-American classic is known and enjoyed all over the world, but it has its origins in America, particularly in New York. During the 19th-century, the Hamburg steak, a nice meal comprising a minced beef steak, was incredibly popular and available in almost every restaurant. It was a signature meal in the famous Delmonico Restaurant, one of the very first restaurants as we know them.

The specialty found its way from the fine dining tables to the streets, where, naturally, it was easier enjoyed when place in a bun. Interestingly, some experts say the first person to serve a Hamburg steak in a bun did so in Texas, while others believe the famous White Castle Burger Chain did.

There’s a big chance, though, that the dish was invented during the Erie County Fair in the town of Hamburg, New York, where folks celebrate National Birth of the Burger Day every September 18.

We’ll never know who created the hamburger, but we can all appreciate the uncomplicated meal every May 28 on National Burger Day. The fact that summer is around the corner helps a lot, so fire up some coals, season those beef patties and make some burgers!

It comes without saying non-animal burger patties are more popular than ever, so there’s no excuse for not celebrating the classic American dish. Burgers are universal, so dig in!

History of Hamburger Day

Like with so many popular unofficial holidays, it is impossible to know where such fantastic holidays originated. What we do know is that not only is May 28 National Burger Day, the entire month of May is considered National Burger Month.

This all certainly has to do with the arrival of the first warm days of the year, when people fire up the grill for a good-old backyard dinner party. You know hamburgers are the stars of the show during these feasts.

There’s a good chance Hamburger Day was devised to complement the American Memorial Day when millions of families celebrate the military personnel with an authentic extravaganza around the grill.

Burger day is celebrated worldwide, though, as far as Australia, despite being the beginning of winter down there. We might not know a lot about hamburger day, but we can indeed celebrate it!

How to Celebrate Hamburger Day

Need some ideas to celebrate Burger Day? Why not call over some friends for a backyard grilling party? No steaks, just burgers — and make sure you have some vegan patties, too!

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