June 18 is National Go Fishing Day, one of the most outdoorsy holidays on the calendar. Fishing is a professional sport, and a cherished hobby. It’s also therapy and a way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Learn more about this date here.

Go Fishing Day

June 18 is National Go Fishing Day. How cool is that? Fishing used to be a much more popular pastime back when we didn’t have streaming services. Really, fishing is tons of fun, and folks are so passionate about it they have a day for it.

National Go Fishing Day is more than fishing; it’s about enjoying the countryside, spending time with the ones we love, doing something different, relaxing and reducing some stress — that’s fishing, and that’s just the beginning!

Grab a rod and visit your local pond or riverbank or be part of the thriving world of competitive fishing. June 18 is the unofficial start of the fishing season in many places, and the warm summer days are perfect for spending the day at the lake. Going fishing every year can become a tradition you can enjoy with friends and family, and a gratifying way of spending time together.

Remember, fishing is also about taking care of the environment and keeping lakes are rivers clean! Unless, of course, you want to go fishing for a pile of trash. Go fishing and enjoy the outdoors, forget about your hectic lifestyle for a while and get in touch with nature.

Make sure you fish only where you’re allowed to and get a license if you must. You might also need to register your boat, so talk to your local authorities and make sure you fish in a compliant, safe way. Here’s a final thought, there’s plenty of fish out there, but never fish more than you can eat!

History of Go Fishing Day

Go Fishing Day is celebrated every year on June 18, and it’s a way to mark the beginning of the fishing season. As part of the National Fishing and Boating Week (NFBW), with free fishing events organized around the country, Go Fishing Day invites inexperienced people to go out and fish, even if they haven’t done it before.

The Take Me Fishing Organization, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and the Let’s Go Fishing Organization all make the most out of the day’s promotion to take people fishing, organize events and tournaments. People organizing free fishing days in all major fishing spots release fish for everyone to catch something!

Take kids and senior citizens fishing, too. Let’s make this a holiday everyone can experience. You don’t even need special equipment, just a fishing pole. Trust us; fishing is easier than you think — you’ll need some patience, though!

How to Celebrate Go Fishing Day

Call your family together and take a trip to the lake. Go fishing and enjoy a freshly caught meal. Remember to turn your cellphone off and enjoy the scenery!

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