Guess what? Today is Global Day of Parents, so when was the last time you called your old folks? Parents are always there for us, or at least they try! So, let’s show them some appreciation. Today’s the day to give some unconditional love back!

Global Day of Parents

Today is Global Parents Day, celebrated worldwide every Jun 1, but let’s start with the beginning. Parents play an immense role in our lives, even when we don’t always agree with them — they know better!

The thing is, parenting is tough! It’s the most challenging job on the planet, and people do it for free. So, a day to commemorate all that hard work is more than necessary.

This is a day to focus on issues related to the family. From making sure everyone is okay to seeing if someone in your family needs some help or support. This is also a day to get together. Families have grown farther apart in the last couple of decades, and it would be good to get together with your relatives from time to time, so why not today?

Parents around the world are not alone. The world recognizes their hard work, and when needed, there are plenty of organizations willing to help out, either by counseling or with other types of aid.

Parenting is not just having kids but taking care of them. Not all moms and dads are parents; that’s a title you must earn! By the way, this is no silly holiday, but a serious celebration organized by the United Nations, that how a big of a deal Global Day of Parents is.

Give your old folks a call and get together. That’s the least you can do. Besides, who doesn’t love a family reunion from time to time? Even if you don’t always agree with everyone, these are your people.

History of Global Day of Parents

Global Day of Parents has a long history going back to the 1980s. The United Nations, through its Commission for Social Development, recognized the need to raise awareness about the many issues related to families. The International Day of Families was created in 1993, and in 2012, Jun 1 was proclaimed as Global Day of Parents.

The idea has paid off so far, with dozens of countries celebrating families and parents every year. This date has also raised awareness around the problems that parents and families in general face today. These are tough times to raise kids, especially with a debilitating economy.

The good news is that we’re all in this together, we all have or had parents, and many of us are parents ourselves! Why not help each other out! Do you know a new parent? Cut him or her some slack and see how you can show him or her some support!

How to Celebrate Global Day of Parents

First, call your parents and grandparents if you have them! If you’re a parent yourself, pat yourself in the back — we know it’s hard work, but you’re doing all right.

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